Request a "Read & Review"

How to request a "Read & Review"

1. Send an email to me at with the following information:
    a. Title, author, publisher and pub date of your book
    b. Synopsis and number of pages of your book
    c. Date you need the review posted by
    d. If it's not "your book", who are you?

2. I'll check your information against my calendar for reading and postings. 

3. If your book appeals to me and I can fit your requirements into my calendar, then I will request the book from you. You can send me an Amazon Gift Tag or a .mobi format of the book. Once I have the book I will give you an approximate date for the live posting. Currently, that's about 3 weeks out.

4. Once I've read your book and written the review, I'll contact you and let you know the review is scheduled. Then you just have to wait until the date of the post, typically about a week.

5. If your book doesn't really fit into my reading style or it's too long for me to fit into the timeframe you are proposing with my current schedule, I will let you know right away so that you can get other reviewers. If I can recommend another reviewer to you, I will.

6. I read fairly widely. My preferred genres are any romance, cozies, fantasy, urban fantasy, women's lit, art, bios/memoirs of women, some craftpoetry, some mystery, and some sci-fi. No stories about animals or children being hurt. No horror. But if you come up with something different, it never hurts to ask and submit a synopsis.

7. I post first on my blog, Blue Cat Review, with an auto post to Google+. I also post to my secondary blog on WordPress, which is an auto post to Tumblr (Blue Cat Review, too) and to my Pinterest board (Books that I've read and reviewed). Next up are Amazon and Then I post to GoodReads, which posts automatically to Twitter and Facebook. If it's appropriate, I also post the review to my Facebook group for book reviewers, Coyer Challenges. If there is some other site you want me to post to, please feel free to provide me with the URL. 

8. I have a second blog site on WordPress also called Blue Cat Review. 

9. Friending me on GoodReads does not improve your chances of getting a 5-Star review. I give my honest review of what I read.

10. I will no longer accept manuscripts of less than 100 pages, not even as prequels.

Hope this helps!