About Me...

Hello, I'm Judi Easley. 
  Thanks for stopping by. Here's a rough timeline of my life with a lot of the details left out. None of us have that much time or interest!
  I am the youngest of three children (Army brats) and grew up in Andover, MA, USA.(I had a shelf full of Golden Books when I was growing up, then when I was older I switched to Nancy Drew, and then to romances) I was a bit wild as a teenager and when I was 23 a bartender dared me to join the military. I was in the U.S. Navy from 1980 to 1985. I was injured in a car accident during that time and got out with a Good Conduct Medal and a 10% disability. The VA changed that to 20% and sent me to college.(during recovery, I read constantly, usually romances and mysteries)
  While I was in the Navy, I met and married Charley. He was also in the Navy. When I met him, he was enlisted. He was commissioned and then we were married two days later. We were supposed to get married the next day, but there was 29" of snow and the base was closed, so we couldn't get to the chapel. We've been married since 1983 and have two grown children, Andrew and Sarah.(they grew up with Golden Books and were read to each night before bed and lots during the day) They live close to us.(both of them are still readers and have extensive personal libraries) Andrew has been in a committed relationship with Lindsay since 2012.(she reads her books and Andrew's books)
  I wasn't able to complete my college degree until I was in my 50s and living up here in N.H., USA. I got my BFA in Graphic Design just as the economy crashed completely. No one was taking on entry-level graphic designers. So, I went to work for the VA as a claims processor and talked to Veterans all day. I loved the Veterans, but not the VA.
  Now, I'm permanently disabled and retired. I read a lot during the day and always in the evening. So it made perfect sense to me to change my fashion/home dec/art blog into a book blog and share my reading with you. I hope it makes sense to you and you enjoy what I share here.
  If you'd like me to do a "read & review" for you, please check out the "Read & Review" page for how to do that.
  Hope you enjoy the blog and come back often.
    Judi and the Cat

P.S. Yes, the Blue Cat is a real cat. She's a cranky old Russian Blue that I got from a shelter that I used to work for. She's devoted to me, and she loves to sit on my lap while I read. She's a great book prop!

P.P.S. Since this was written, the Blue Cat has passed. She gave me 17 years of companionship and I miss her greatly. These days I have a tiny little black cat tagging around after me, named Emma.