The Final Book in the Grimoire Saga

Grimoire Saga #4
S.M. Boyce (GoodReads Author)
Kindle ed, 269 pages, Nov 2014
Also available in paperback and audiobook
Genre(s) Fantasy, Dystopian
Source Kindle

Other books in this series: Lichgates #1, Treason #2, Heritage #3

The final chapter in the war for Ourea ends with blood.

Kara Magari is an icon. A hero. The people love her. The royalty tolerates her. She has everything—an army, allies, and a close circle of chosen family. They believe she will end the war, and they shouldn’t. She’s as scared as they are. She just can’t show it.

The war she accidentally started ends with a final battle that will either save or enslave her people. She will do anything to win—until she learns the cost of victory.

Braeden Drakonin is afraid of what he’ll become when he takes over his father’s kingdom—that much authority can change a man. But his father has already tried to kill him more than once, and it’s time to end his reign. Braeden’s armies are ready. His strategy is foolproof. His generals are waiting for the order to attack. It’s only in the final seconds before the battle begins that he realizes he missed one crucial detail—the traitor. 

About the Author:  
S. M. Boyce is a lifelong writer with a knack for finding adventure and magic.

My Disclaimer:  I purchased this book for full price at Kindle Books. I am providing an honest review for which I am receiving no compensation of any kind. All opinions are fully my own.
~ Judi E. Easley for Blue Cat Review

My Review:  
Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. I don't know who said that, but they were right. And in this series you see it happen over and over again. Ms. Boyce has done a wonderful job of showing it time and time again. In so many of the characters, the power has done terrible things to them. Destroyed them. Even the best of them have had to battle against the pull of the power. Look at what Braedon has gone through to overcome the pull of his power just while he is a prince. Imagine what being a Blood will be like for him. And for Kara with her grandfather's legacy awoken, she has to wear the wrist guard just to keep it in check. Even then she is incredibly powerful. If she weren't also incredibly good, she could be as awful as some of the monsters in Ourea.

We've come down to the last book. The days before the big battle. Braedon and Kara are desperate for some time alone. They want to cement their relationship before events can possibly tear them apart. Things never go quite the same when you mix a human into yakona rites. But Kara has something that's uniquely their own that will make up for it.

The allies know they have a traitor, but they've been so busy they have sort of forgotten about that as they draw near to battle time. Now, as they march off to meet the enemy it occurs to Braedon, who is it and how will they interfere? Well, of course, they find out in a big way.

Each Blood has been assigned one of Kara's people for communications. All the armies are in place. Timing has been worked out for each to move. One by one the armies make their moves until the traitor makes a move that brings chaos to coordination. Can Kara, Braedon, and their forces counter the traitor's move? Will Braedon face his father and fight? And what comes after the war? Will there be peace? Who will be in charge?

Read this book, Illusion, Grimoire Saga #4, to find out the final answers.
This completes my requirement for the COYER Can You Read A Series In A Month Challenge June 2017