Nathaniel, Our Hero!

The King's Peace
The Dark and The White, #1
Kevin Hammond (GreatReads Author)
Self-pub, Oct. 6, 2013
Kindle ed, 211 pages
Genre(s) dystopian fantasy
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The Kingdom is young and yet it stands in great peril. Dark tales of the unnatural have reached the King's city. The King is slain in his bed and the storm on the horizon brings black ships closer to the coastal city of Erenon. 

Nathaniel, a clever thief has stumbled upon a job that brings him to the home of the King when he is slain and Nathaniel is unwillingly dragged into the quest to reach the southern garrison which has gone quiet in recent months. Strange powers are helping and hindering him and the small company of soldiers dispatched to that garrison as war comes to the city.
They will find those horrors that plague the common man, an ancient legend will unravel, and a deception so epic in scale it involves the Gods. The whole world of man and nations who live on the other side of the mountain range known as the Great Divide will come together in a war no one really understands and as the kingdom fights to survive it will face an enemy they know nothing about.

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My Disclaimer:  I was provided a free copy of this book by the author. I am providing an honest review for which I am receiving no compensation of any kind. All opinions are fully my own.
~ Judi E. Easley for Blue Cat Review

My Review:  
Having just read a couple of other really great fantasy books, (Kuhlmann, Boyce, Rothfuss) I was disappointed in this one. I was hoping for another really great read, but this is only 2 1/2-Stars for me. 

Lots of conflict in this one. The basic one of GOOD vs. EVIL. But there're a few other conflicts to consider as well. Entitled vs. disenfranchised, military vs. civilians, magic vs. non-magical, and gods vs. humans. The worst one is humans vs. rats...EUWWW! I hate wild rats!

211 pages should have been a couple of hours of reading, but it was tough going. Parts of it went well, but there were parts of it, that just sort of went in circles and were uninspiring to me. People were supposed to be in fear for their lives and country, but sometimes it just seemed like another day at the office for them. The emotions just weren't there. I felt they needed to be stronger and shown to be stronger. I mean, if you can show how sea sick the guy in the crow's nest is with his getting sick on the deck six or seven times, you can certainly show how scared or angry soldiers or civilians are about an army coming to take over their homes.

And conversations were tough guy talk. Some even sounded slightly familiar to me, though I'm not sure why. There were so few caring people in this book. I think Nathaniel was the only one who tried to do anything for anyone but himself most of the time. Some gave a passing thought to some others, but no one seemed to be willing to help anyone else. Though, the whole army seemed willing to do one final charge "for King and country". They were willing to fight, but they didn't think they were going to win or that they even had a chance.

Maybe that's the hardest part of it for me. It's so negative. There's no cheering section. No one saying "Yes, we can do this." Everyone thinks they're going to die and lose. Depressing.

Mr. Hammond does do some really great descriptions, though. You saw each and every person or creature that he described. You saw each sword or knife he described. If he told you what someone was wearing, you could see it. He does have a gift for description, even if it's describing the dark. You got the feeling it was really dark.

Obviously just not my cup of tea as other reviewers have had no complaints. So, check it out on Kindle Unlimited if you have Prime. Or buy it even, it's not expensive at $2.99. It may be more to your taste.
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