Dark Solar Book One

Dark Solar #1
D.N. Leo (GoodReads Author)
Narrative Land Publishing, Jan 16, 2017
Kindle ed, 330 pages, also available in paperback and audiobook
Genre(s) urban fantasy, sci-fi, time travel romance
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Other books in this series: Wolfsbane #2, Maikoa #3 and other associated series.

When a fairy tale ends up in a bloodbath, virtue rises.

Dinah isn’t just a private investigator, she solves unthinkable mysteries in the multiverse, and has never lost a case until her best friend becomes a victim in a series of mass murders. Someone is toying with the human race and sending threats across the cosmos.

Arik, an Oxford professor in mythology, holds the key to several secrets in the multiverse. When Dinah travels to Earth to seek help from him, they discover one of the secrets he knows could make him the next victim.
As the danger increases, so does their mutual attraction. But fate might have something else in store for them in a twist of a fairy tale.

Dark Solar is an urban fantasy trilogy, full of action, magic, surprises, science and romance. 

About the Author:  
D.N. Leo is an Australian author. She writes science fiction, suspense, mystery, crime and romance, often with a psychic and paranormal twist. Her recent book catalog can be found at www.narrativeland.com/dnleo

My Disclaimer:  I was provided a free copy of this book by the author. I am providing an honest review for which I am receiving no compensation of any kind. All opinions are fully my own.
~ Judi E. Easley for Blue Cat Review

My Review:  
This was a totally new experience for me. This book is such a mix of genres, that I really had to put some thought into how to classify it to shelve it. It's urban fantasy, romance, and sci-fi all rolled into one. It's like a TV show, too. Most books that I've read lately seem to be either first person where you get all the thoughts of that one person and get to know them rather intimately. Or, the author chooses third person omniscient and moves around letting you hear each character's thoughts in turn so that you really get close to the characters. This author chose third person and there were thoughts. However, the thoughts really give us no insight in that way. They function in a more narrative way. We do get the thoughts that Madeline pulls from some people. That's her super power.

This was also my first experience with the multiverse in this way, a more contemporary take on it than what I have experienced before. Previously, it was more an invasive sort of thing. In this book, they're just on a visit to Earth for some information. Just like I might pop down to Boston for a show. They just popped down to Earth to visit Arik because that's where he happens to be at the time. This is just one of the ways that the author seems to bring a sense of lightheartedness to the book. Very upbeat. Even when the world, or universe if falling apart.

There is no sex in the book, but there is some romance. First there is Ciaran and his wife, Madeline. He absolutely adores her and would go the ends of the universe to make her happy and ensure she was safe. He gets a little bit off when she's in danger. They're cute if you like the constantly adoring type. 

And then there is Arik and Diana. They sort of find each other on the fly. Arik is an Oxford professor who seems to have discovered some of the secrets of the universe. Diana is a private investigator of unusually intriguing events, a chemist and a hacker. Arik and Ciaran have some history that is resolved in this book. Since this series is connected to the other series that the author has written by common characters, this will be good news to those of you who have read her other work.

I think I'm going to finish this series, at least to see just how this all works out. Not that this isn't a standalone. But I think it'll be even more fun in the perspective of its series. And it was fun. Then I may try some of the other series Ms. Leo has on offer. I recommend this book and its series to all those of you who enjoy the urban-sci-fi-romance genre. Ones with lots of action, a fast pace, and a smirk.

The other two books in this series are Wolfsbane #2 and Maikoa #3, and are already available from booksellers.