Summer of Fire
Aberddu Adventures/Black River Chronicles prequel
by L.G. Surgeson (GoodReads Author), Sian Mathias, editor
Kindle edition, 409 pages
Pub Dec 23, 2014, also available in paperback

GoodReads Summary:  
This is the series prequel to the Aberddu Adventures Series - giving an overview of the much talked about Summer of Fire:

To speak of a time before the Summer of Fire, a time truly before the cacophony of events that chose to confluence in those short months is to speak of a time more than four hundred years gone by. Very few have a genuine understanding of what lead to the time known as the Summer of Fire, of the rising powers that had grown with the patience of mountains, over centuries. Only in looking back could scholars completely understand the full scale of events that preceded it.
It is particularly difficult to distinguish what came 'before', as this is a relative term. Each individual will have a point in time that they consider to be the time 'before', after which their life will have irrevocably changed. General consensus suggests that by 1099 AC it was already too late, but for some, it started long before that.

Disclaimer:  The author provided me with an ebook and requested a "read and review" for which I am not being compensated in any way. All opinions are fully my own.
~ Judi E. Easley for Blue Cat Review

First Response:  This really has the potential to be an epic series. These 400 pages are pretty epic themselves. But out of all Ms. Surgeson's books, this is the only one that I saw listed as having an editor. She can thank her editor for losing her one full star. Full review on my blog coming soon.

My Review:  
Okay, I had to think about this one for a day or so. It has quite an impact. First, I will deal with the editorial disappointment. Extra words, missing words, words out of order, and one sentence that just made no sense at all with the words that were there. I either got an unedited copy or the editor hasn't done his job. That is all I will say in regards to the loss of one star in this rating.

This book is a prequel, which one would normally expect to be fairly short. Not this one, which at 409 pages kept me quite enthralled for two days. The style of writing and story line brought four other works to mind: Eddings' Polgara the Sorceress, Jordan's Wheel of Time (but much tighter), Maxwell's Evermen Saga, and Sanderson's Mistborn series. I found elements of all four of these works in Ms. Surgeson's writing and storytelling. If the series that follows this is anything like this, and I must assume it comes close, then I would say the author has a winner on her hands. I also hope she has a very full imagination and can keep pulling from it for a long time.

It did take me a bit to get all the different places and times straight in my head as I first started the book. Once I acclimated to the author's style, I was all set, though. I got quite attached to some of the characters and enjoyed seeing them grow as the story went on. I was sad at the losses of some and baffled at what was left at the end. I really had to keep in mind that the author was setting the stage for the real story that follows this in the series. The prequel is such a story on its own. It could be a standalone if you wanted to stop here, but I'm not sure how anyone could. So, I strongly recommend picking this up if you enjoy epic fantasy and settling in for a good read. Just make sure the budget is ready for the whole series because I really think you're going to want to read the whole thing just like I do! This could be one of those you read again every once in awhile, too!

The Freetown Bridge Aberddu Adventures #1