Pencil that looks like paint?

Colored Pencil Portrait Painting
Alyona Nickelsen (GoodReads Author)
Kindle edition, 192 pages
Pub Jun 20, 2017, Watson-Guptill
Also available in paperback

GoodReads Summary
Colored pencil painter Alyona Nickelsen reveals how to use the medium to push the limits of realistic portraiture.
Colored Pencil Painting Portraits provides straightforward solutions to the problems that artists face in creating lifelike images, and will prime readers on the intricacies of color, texture, shadow, and light as they interplay with the human form. In this truly comprehensive guide packed with step-by-step demonstrations, Nickelsen considers working from photo references versus live models; provides guidance on posing and lighting, as well as planning and composing a work; discusses tools, materials, and revolutionary layering techniques; and offers lessons on capturing gesture and expression and on rendering facial and body features of people of all age groups and skin tones.

Disclaimer:  The eARC of this book was provided to me by Watson-Guptill and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review, for which I am not being compensated in any way. All opinions are fully my own.
~ Judi E. Easley for Blue Cat Review

My Review:  
I found this to be a rather amazing book. Ms. Nickelsen has done all the work and is now sharing all her secrets. I didn't get to the point of trying a whole portrait but worked out a fair number of the exercises and smaller body part. Her information about surfaces to use and why they work this way was wonderfully informative. The information about fixatives was invaluable, too. I had read quite a bit about the content of colored pencils but found there was more to know.

The language of the book is easy enough to understand and follow. The pictures are very helpful. And it is broken into sections that made sense to me, at least. The appendix in the back is chockful of even more wonderful information that you'll want to have around for reference.

This is nothing like the techniques I learned in art classes, but what Ms. Nickelsen shared was great. I strongly recommend this book to anyone who works in colored pencil for portraits or any other type of drawing that you want to enrich. I definitely will continue to browse through this book and refer to it. Release date June 4, 2017.