Maybe he could grow up and be a Thomas Magnum, P.I.!

Port Starbird
Storm Ketchum Adventures #1
by Garrett Dennis (GoodReads Author)
Kindle ed, 364 pages
Mar 3, 2014, by TBD

GoodReads Summary:  
In this quirky low-key murder mystery/adventure, Storm Ketchum, a damaged emigre to the coastal town of Avon on North Carolina's Outer Banks, likes to mind his own business and isn't any kind of detective - until he's forced to become one by extraordinary circumstances. On the verge of losing his modest waterfront home to an unscrupulous developer, Ketch stumbles onto the scene of a crime that might expose the perpetrator of an unsolved murder and enable him to save not only his own home but also the similarly threatened bohemian boatyard community he's inexorably drawn into. And in case Plan A fails, he's hard at work on a Plan B that's both laudable and pitiable - if he can't stop them from seizing his property and ruining what's left of his historic town, he's hell-bent on turning the event into a unique political statement that won't soon be forgotten. Together with his loyal dog, a salty charter boat captain, the sketchy denizens of the boatyard, and an alluring scuba diving instructor who may or may not have a hidden agenda, Ketch struggles to make sense of his new reality, while trying to save some of the things that really matter along the way.

My Disclaimer:  I received this ebook free on BookBub. This is my honest review for which I am not receiving any compensation. All opinions are fully my own.
~ Judi E. Easley for Blue Cat Review

My review:  
It was just 364 pages. Something I should have been able to read in half a day with no trouble. But here I was on the third day just barely finishing it off. This book was so full of information that the pace of the book was slowed down so that it flowed like the waves of the ocean. There'd be action and then there'd be something like the information Ketch gave when he took Jack for his walk on the beach. He looked at the different colors of the sand to see how long before the tide would be back in and the height of the periwinkles on the sawgrass. He also provides law information and other types of info depending on when and what he needs as the story goes on. He shares whatever he has to Google.

Ketch is a really great character. He's smart, considerate, good looking, and lucky. He's got a new girlfriend, some good buddies, and a crime scene to keep him busy. He's a really interesting character but I decided he was just a touch naive about life. Pick up a copy of this fascinating book and see if you agree with me. I'll probably have to try another one of these to see how life goes on at Port Starbird after the storm.