"Are you reading my mind?"

The Mind Readers
The Mind Readers series
by Lori Brighton
Kindle edition, 238 pages
Pub Dec 7, 2010

GoodReads Summary:  
Cameron Winters is a freak. Fortunately, no one but her family knows the truth…that Cameron can read minds. For years Cameron has hidden behind a facade of normalcy, warned that there are those who would do her harm. When gorgeous and mysterious Lewis Douglas arrives he destroys everything Cameron has ever believed and tempts her with possibilities of freedom. Determined to embrace her hidden talents, Cameron heads to a secret haven with Lewis; a place where she meets others like her, Mind Readers.

But as Cameron soon finds out some things are too good to be true. When the Mind Readers realize the extent of Cameron’s abilities, they want to use her powers for their own needs. Cameron suddenly finds herself involved in a war in which her idea of what is right and wrong is greatly tested. In the end, she’ll be forced to make a choice that will not only threaten her relationship with Lewis but her very life.

My Review:  
God save me from myself, free books, and cliffhangers! Yes, I've done it again. I found one I couldn't put down and it had three and a half volumes to it that I just had to read before I was completely satisfied last night! The only saving grace is that each volume was only $1.99-3.99, so it wasn't expensive to indulge. And I'm still trying to decide if I loved it or hated it! Well, I loved major parts of it and hated some parts of it.

It is YA, and it was an easy and fast read. That is not always true of YA, but this time it was. I read all three and a half books yesterday afternoon and evening between lunch and supper, watching a Midsomer Murder, and getting to bed by midnight. The main character starting in the first book is Cameron and she isn't even out of high school, yet. She's had an unusual upbringing up until now having been dumped with her paternal Grandmother when she was only five and moving around every few years. See, she has an unusual superpower. She can read minds. In fact, she can't block them out. She hears what people are thinking all the time. Her grandmother has the same power. Someone is after them, so they have to move each time the someone gets too close.

Ms. Brighton has characters popping in and out of Cameron's life right and left, but each one is fully integrated into the story and interacts really well with existing characters as they come and go. You get information as you need it and as it is revealed to Cameron. She has to grow up, but there are times when it's a very slow process and she makes some really dumb decisions. That's when I lost my patience with her. There are lots of surprises in this book and it's not all light and pretty. People are tortured, disappear, and die, even people Cameron loves. But there are new people to know and love as well. And new things to do and learn for them all. And there is healing for many in the end.

I have referred to three and a half books a couple of times. Well, it is time to discuss the half, The Mind Keepers. It was problematic for me and from the reviews I have read, for others as well. The author maintained Cameron's point of view throughout the first three books and it worked very well. In the half, the novella, she switched to Cameron's half sister Nora's point of view as it is mostly her story. It was very disconcerting. I think even the author was confused, which made it even harder to understand. There were times that I really wasn't sure who "I" was. Nora and Cameron were both part of the scene and "I" could have been either of them, but it was supposed to be Nora. Yet, at times it really felt like the author had confused the two characters and was writing it as Cameron again. I managed to understand what was going on and get to the end, but I really wish the half had been more pages in book three and handled differently. But then, I'm not a mind reader, so I don't know what Ms. Brighton was thinking when she wrote the books. Pun intended.

I recommend this series to anyone who likes fast action, family stories, and great magic with attractive characters who rise to the occasion and give you that touch of romance and true love.

I acquired book #1 through BookBub for free and the rest of the series from Amazon at full price and am providing an honest review without compensation of any kind. All opinions are fully my own.
~ Judi E. Easley for Blue Cat Review