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Liberated by the Duke
by Grace Fletcher
Kindle, 70 pages, published August 14, 2016

GoodReads Summary:
Georgina Williams is in dire circumstances. Not only is she mourning the recent loss of her father, but she is also now trapped and mistreated in her own home by her conniving stepmother Edith and her stepsister Laura.

As a temporary reprieve, Georgina goes for long walks in the countryside. One day, quite by accident, she bumps into an old childhood neighbor and friend, John Crampton, the Duke of Stanford.

John can sense all is not right as the disheveled Georgina is not the smiling, happy girl he remembers. The more time he spends with her, the more his feelings towards Georgina grow. As a widower and father, he is expected to find a wife and Georgina, to him, is perfect.

Without any regard for Georgina, Edith comes up with a devious plan to solve her own financial problems and enable her daughter, Laura, to marry.

John learns of these schemes through his family connections. Will he take courage and intervene in the affairs of another household? Even though all is not as it appears, will John listen to his own heart and rescue Georgina before it is too late?

My Review:
First response: A typical little Regency romance. My favorite character is Beatrice! I'm sure I'll have more to say in my full review.

Grace Fletcher has a reputation for writing clean, wholesome Regency romances, and this one certainly fits that description. There is no sex and only a couple of kisses. So if you're looking for hot and steamy, this isn't the author for you. But, if you're looking for those sweet love stories with all the pomp and style that goes with the Regency era, Ms. Fletcher is the perfect author for you.

Georgina is trapped by her stepmother, Edith, and stepsister, Laura, as an abused servant. On her weekly afternoon off, Georgina takes long walks around the estate. On one of her walks, she meets an old childhood friend, John Crampton, Duke of Stanford and his daughter, Beatrice. John is now a widower and raising his three-year-old daughter on his own. 

Edith and Laura are going through Georgina's father's fortune and Georgina's inheritance very fast. The estate and Georgina are suffering. On her walks, Georgina continues to meet John and Beatrice. John can see that something is wrong. And Georgina seems like she would be the perfect wife for him and mother to Beatrice. But John has always followed the rules.

Edith and Laura have plans for Georgina to pay off their rising debts and for Laura to get the Duke. John falls for their stunt and turns away from Georgina. How can you have an HEA if John continues to play by the rules? Will John get there in time to liberate Georgina?

Well, you'll just have to read this sweet little romance to find out how it all works out. I gave it three stars for being just what it is, a nice little Regency love story. For those of you who read them, I recommend this one and this author.

I acquired this ebook short story from Book Bub via Kindle. This is my honest review for which I am not being compensated in any way. All opinions are fully my own.
~ Judi E. Easley for Blue Cat Review

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