Love Across the Pond by Amy Corwin

Love Across the Pond
The Archer Family series, #6
Amy Corwin (GoodReads Author)
Kindle edition, 282 pages
published Jul 22, 2016, Fireside Romance

GoodReads Summary:
Edward Archer walks right into the den of lioness Charity Stonewright when he sails across the pond to South Carolina to resolve a property dispute for his cousin, the Duchess of Peckham. Astute but bookish, the Englishman isn’t prepared for Charity, a strong-willed woman determined to prove the Charleston mansion is hers. And unbeknownst to Edward, Charity has a secret purpose. She is searching for the lost Stonewright fortune, hidden over sixty years ago, somewhere within the walls of the old, decaying mansion. Finding it will mean an end to the grinding poverty she’s endured and fulfill her dream to establish herself in Charleston society as a wealthy heiress.

Drawn to the mysterious woman, Edward is increasingly torn between duty and his growing love. But Charity seems determined to keep him at arm's length, stubbornly maintaining her distrust of him.

As the mysteries of the mansion threaten to tear Edward and Charity apart, they must learn to listen to their hearts and discover that the real treasure may be love.

My Review:
First response: He's just trying to help out his cousin with a legal matter. She's just trying to hang onto her home and survive. He's English. She's American. Can they set aside their differences and find their similarities long enough to find the treasure and love? Full review coming up on my blog.

Edward Archer isn't a barrister, but he does know English law. His cousin, the Duchess of Peckham, the former Charlotte Haywood, has some property in Charleston, S.C. with a disputed title. Her American lawyer, Mr. Tarte, doesn't seem to be in any hurry to settle the matter, so the duchess asks Edward to go to Charleston and resolve the issue once and for all. He sails for America with his sister, Lady Hildegard, a typical sheltered young lady of her day.

If this ran true to romantic formula, the rich Englishman would find a lovely, but penniless American girl with no claim to the house, whom the criminal American lawyer has been threatening. He would turn the lawyer over to the authorities, fall in love with and marry the girl, and take her back to England. In the meantime, his sister would have met a perfectly acceptable rich young man to fall in love with and marry in America. They would move into the Duchess' old home and raise several children of their own for the next generation's stories. But, I liked Ms. Corwin's idea even better! It was far more exciting and I hadn't read it before. A refreshingly new historical plot!

Edward and Charity (our lovely, young, American girl) were well written. You got to know them well enough to understand them and what was going to set them off (anything the other one did or said). The secondary characters weren't quite so well defined. Lady Hildegard was perhaps better done than the rest because of the role she plays at the end, but still not fully fleshed out. This did serve to keep you focused on the main combatants and their attempts to outwit each other and survive the twists and turns as the plot winds up to its crisis. And I couldn't tell until the very end which one was going to give in.
I recommend this book for those of you who like your traditional historical romances with feisty heroines and handsome heroes. This was a BookBub acquisition via Amazon. My honest review is given without any compensation. All opinions are fully my own.
~ Judi E. Easley for Blue Cat Review