Due out February 13, 2017 from Entangled Publishing!

Tangling with the London Tycoon
Expected publication: February 13, 2017,
by Entangled Publishing, LLC (Indulgence)
Available in paperback and ebook editions

GoodReads Summary:
London publishing tycoon Rosco Redmond closely guards his family, his business, and his privacy. When his sister’s wedding brings the paparazzi baying at his door, wedding photographer Kitty Mayfair unwittingly becomes his decoy girlfriend. But the mysterious Kitty has secrets of her own.

Despite the sexy hint of an appealing Irish brogue, Kitty’s new boss is bent on micromanaging his sister’s wedding and the crazy fake relationship she’s been dragged into. The only thing they seem to have in common is that neither of them believes in happy-ever-afters. But the more time Kitty spends with the tycoon, the more she begins to suspect there’s a lot of fire beneath his cool facade.

With the past complicating their present, and the zoom lenses of photographers everywhere they go, the commitment phobic control freak and the globe-trotting free spirit clash and ignite.

My Review:
First response: A control freak and a free spirit? What's not to love about that? And I love the title of this book! Full review soon on my blog.

The title of this book is so appropriate! Tangling is just what these two do throughout the book. It's a constant matter of one-upmanship and keeping secrets from each other and getting there first. The book opens with her on his doorstep and running ten minutes late for an assignment she was given at the last minute and has no idea what is involved. He argues with her about being late, about how old she is, and asks for her ID. Their first photo op arrives in the shape of bike riding paparazzi while he hugs her to him to drag her into the house and slam the door. They then tangle over her contract. The one thing they seem to agree on through the whole book is that weddings aren't for either one of them.

As the wedding progresses, Roscoe's family secrets are revealed to Kitty. Painfully for Roscoe sometimes. Kitty's secrets are easier to keep, at least for awhile. Since I'm telling you up front that this is an HEA for these two, I'm not going any further and slip with any spoilers. I'm going to tell you how well written these two characters were and how superbly they interacted. I love Roscoe and Kitty! Their story is touching and one you'll want to read and read again. I strongly recommend this book for those of you who enjoy reading about wickedly rich men and the strong women who love them.

This book was sent to me in ebook format by Entangled Publishing and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. I am not being compensated in any way. All opinions are fully my own.
~ Judi E. Easley for Blue Cat Review

Tangling with the London Tycoon is due to be released on February 13, 2017. Or you can win a copy before the release by following the link of the title.