Do You Eat It Or Kiss It?

A Honeybun and Coffee
(Honeybun Heat #1)
Sam Cheever (GoodReads Author)
Kindle, 240 pages, published Sep 4, 2013, Electric Prose
Publications (first published Dec 18, 2008)
Four Stars

GoodReads Summary:
“This does sort of taste like chicken,” Angie told him, surprise in her voice. “You’re good.”
Alastair grinned at her. “I have to admit you stretched my abilities with that request. I’m glad you like it.”
Angie nodded. “We need to have a plan you know.”
Alastair swallowed his last bite of fish and wiped his mouth. Standing up he carried their plates into the kitchen. Angie got up to help him.
“Well, the first thing we need to do is call work and tell them we won’t be in for a few days.” He looked at Angie. “That’s going to be a bit more complicated for you I’m afraid.”
Angie frowned and nodded. “I’ll tell Petey to call a few people. I’ll have to promise him a manager’s bonus for covering for me.” Angie looked up and smiled, “He’s very ambitious for a nineteen-year-old.”
Alastair laughed, “A kid after my own heart.”
They worked in silence for a few moments, lost in their own thoughts. Alastair washed and rinsed the dishes and handed them to Angie to dry. She managed to find a spot in the cabinets for each of their dishes.
Angie finally broke the silence. “Have you had any luck remembering what you might have seen that would make the thugs come after you?”
He shook his head. “I’ve gone over it and over it in my head. I can’t come up with anything.”
Angie placed the last glass in the cupboard. “Okay, let’s go over everything you’ve done over the last two weeks. I doubt it happened longer ago than that.”
Alastair nodded and grabbed two more bottles of beer out of the refrigerator. They sat down at the table again, across from each other.
“Okay, weekend before last.”
Alastair thought about it. “I got up on Saturday morning, did a couple of hours of work, then cleaned up and took my car to get the oil changed.”
Angie picked at the label on her beer bottle. “Then what?”
“I grabbed some lunch…”
He looked sheepish. “Actually I met some friends at Hooters.”
“Very classy.”
Alastair shrugged, “They love the place, they force me to go there at least once or twice a month.”
Angie grinned. “They force you?”
He grinned back, “Kicking and screaming.”
“Mmm hmm.”
“No really, I hate the place. Those women don’t turn me on in the least.”
“They don’t?”
He shook his head and the ghost of a smile sat on his lips. “No way. I prefer my women flat chested and ugly.”
She smacked his arm. “Ass.”

My Review:
This was a crazy, fast-paced introduction to a series with EIGHT brothers. The romance was sweet. The crime solving was hectic and absolutely not by the book. But the men are sexy and the women forgive them. Full review coming on the blog.

Yes, eight brothers and they are all sexy and have their own book. So, if you like this one, you have lots more reading to do! This bro is named Alistair, "Stair" for short. He's 6'2" and well muscled with red hair and a dachshund named Jaws. He's tired of the singles scene and doesn't like going to Hooters with the guys.

Angie overhears the threat to his life while accidentally trapped in the men's room of her coffee shop. She's a good doobie and she's trying to warn him his life is in danger. It takes him a while to really accept that she's serious. In the meantime, trouble has arrived. Share the ride from his place to safe house to apartment, family home, and army base before the bad guys finally bite the dust. Each brother gets to step in and lend a hand, too! Angie and Alistair find some time for hot, steamy sex in all of this, as well. Though the scorpion sort of spoils the mood.

This was a really fun read and I look forward to reading the brothers' stories. So why isn't it a five-star review? Well, I wanted to slap Angie for chewing her fingernail all through the book. That's a really nasty habit. Okay for a secondary character, but not for your main female character.  Plus, I got tired of the really corny names - Cinnamon Parker, Bones & Louie, Mr. Bigg, Mr. Bratz and Private Jeeves. But it's a twisty plot of who done it - keep your eye on the relatives! And a really great introduction to the Honeybun family, which seems to go back a generation or so, be full of great looking men, and bake good chocolate cake. Yes, I recommend this book!

A Honeybun and Coffee was a Book Bub offering. This is my honest review for which I am not being compensated in any way. All opinions are fully my own.
~ Judi E. Easley for Blue Cat Review