Today, Funday, Tuesday, Funkyday, or Anyday!

Doing anything special? No? Well, you can still dress fun and funky just for yourself, or especially for yourself. Make the effort and cheer yourself up! Sometimes the days of winter can get people down with the reduced light we receive. So we owe it to ourselves to take the time and make the effort to dress for ourselves as if we are the company. Or even if it's just casual, to make it look nice! Try these three outfits.

Soft rosy tones in a silky camisole and sneakers. Top the cami with a light burgundy cardigan and a muted plaid scarf. Pretty rose gold earrings add some shine.

Soft washed jeans and snakeskin stilettos to match in tone. Top them with a nude leather off the shoulder top and cashmere poncho in the same tone. Long tasseled necklaces add some more drama to the outfit.

Going for the black-tie drama in black jeans, black off the shoulder cardigan and black heels. The fun is in the details! Black on white stripes around the off the shoulder neckline on the cardigan sets off the double breasted top from the start. Then we have cuffs on the skinny Gucci jeans. And there are pretty bows on the heels. A faux fur jacket comes on pretty fluffy, almost like feathers. So let's be subtle (?) with pearls at the neck (ha! ha! ha!)

I guess this is where we tip over from fun into funky! But what a look! It will lift your spirits like nothing else.

So whether it's Tuesday or whatever day, make it a Funday!
Judi and Blue Cat

Buggy and Spooky both ended up wearing curly ribbons during the holidays. And both girls got sharks to hang out in! Here's Buggy in Spooky's gray one, while Spooky was checking out Buggy's blue one! Oh well, they'll use whichever one they want to as long as they don't fight over them. And they do seem to like them.
Hope your holidays were wonderful!