I want to share the work of this very talented and humorous artist with you. Her series has been going on for a very long time. She has been on Polyvore for four years and she lives in the Netherlands. Her nom de plume is vlaggetje. Her character's name is Janet. She's a wonderful, colorful character who loves small town circuses and her pets.

I have here a very small section of her series to share with you. I hope it cheers you as it always does me.

A moonlight walk

A Moonlight Walk
We like the old and vintage

We Like the Old and Vintage

join the bikeclub

Join the Bike Club

I guess i'm oke

I guess I'm oke.

We are ready for circus season

We're ready for circus season.

Considering moving to the country

Considering Moving to the Country
Met an interesting tight-rope dancer today who happend to make childrensbooks

Met an Interesting Tight-rope Dancer Today Who Happened to Make Children's Books

We looove our vintage couch

We Looove Our Vintage Couch!

We felt like a midnight flight
We Felt Like a Midnight Flight


Pooh Pooh Pidou!

I say santaclaus is a girl this year

I say Santa Claus is a Girl This Year

For my mum

For My Mum

Quiet evening at home

Quiet Evening at Home

Isn't that delightful? I always love to see her sets in my feed on Polyvore. They never fail to make me smile, so colorful and cheerful. I truly hope you enjoyed it and that you will look her work up on Polyvore to see more of her work.

Best wishes for a pleasant Thursday!
Judi and the Blue Cat