Kindle Edition319 pages

Published May 13, 2015, by Black Rose Writing (first published April 23, 2015)

When Callie MacCallum sews her first quilt after the death of her lover Jack Sebring, she doesn't realize she'll be drawn into a Sebring family battle between wife and daughter-in-law. She simply wants to fulfill her promise to Jack to visit their cabin in the West Virginia mountains, where their long love affair was safely hidden.

Instead, her emotionally reminiscent trip becomes crowded with the two Sebring women, a grief counselor, and the massive role Callie assumes. She must speak for Jack in order to protect his four-year-old grandson Chad from his stubbornly manipulative and blame-passing grandmother and his recently widowed and power-usurping mother. Callie understands both women grieve the loss of Chad's father. He died when a raging storm split the tree that crushed him.

Grief isn't the only common thread running between the four women. One by one, their secrets are revealed on the West Virginia mountaintop.

I must admit to some confusion at times keeping track of whom they were speaking since there was so much family involved, two deceased husbands, but three grieving widows. And, of course, it seemed that everyone was plotting. Full review soon on my blog.

My Review:

I kept saying to myself and then out loud all through the book, "Why did they all get together in one place? These three women should never have been together in this place of all places!" But it made a really good story. It just frustrated me that they were crazy enough to try to do this!

There was a lot of tippy-toeing around and secret phone calls. Lots of conversations that couldn't be shared with more than two people. Lots of explanations that should have been made to clear up the problems before they reached the boiling point since those secrets were bound to become common knowledge sooner rather than later.

I felt outraged for what was being done to the deceased's widow. I felt sympathy for how trapped the deceased's "widow" felt bringing along this woman to the home the couple had shared together. I empathized with the counselor wanting to help these two women before she left to take care of her own problems. I felt embarrassed for the people who got dragged into the scenes as the mess was played out and all the deceit was revealed on all sides. This book really is a roller coaster of emotions in the traditions of women's lit. So if you're a fan of women's lit and roller coasters, take a look at this one.

I was provided an eARC of this book from Black Rose Writing and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. I am not being compensated in any way. All opinions are fully my own.
~ Judi E. Easley for Blue Cat Review.