The Week Between Christmas and the New Year

The week between Christmas and the New Year a lot of people take a vacation, or a staycation actually. The schools aren't in session, so all you teachers are off. The spouses of teachers usually try to take the same time off. Kids are out of school so parents try to take the time off. So there are a lot of you at home this week. What do you wear?

Well, people are still in the visiting and partying mood. And there is still lots of goodies around to eat. Look good, but keep it casual and comfortable. How about these three looks?
The Week Between

Neat jeans and a nice sweater with a lovely ombre scarf. Keep to flats this week just for the comfort.

The Week Between 2

Wool slacks and a bright blue sweater with a cozy kimono jacket over it for warmth. Again, flats that are so easy to kick off when you prop your feet up on that ottoman.

The Week Between 3

A casual look with the black jeans and charcoal silk camisole under the red plaid shirt. But the fab suede flats and fuzzy ball earrings add tiny details to keep the fun in the outfit.

Like I said, look good and be comfortable and casual. Enjoy!
Judi and the Blue Cat!