Dreaming of a White Christmas at Your House?

Always a well-liked look at Christmas is the "white Christmas". And I don't mean the cold, wet, fluffy stuff that falls from the sky. I mean the white trees and wreaths and other Christmas decorations that we place around our homes. More and more, the white Christmas look is becoming The look. So what does it look like?
White Christmas
It can look like this. In a home that's already decorated in white and light neutrals, the white of Christmas decorations looks very natural.

White Christmas 2
White Christmas can look elegant or it can look Scandinavian. It can also look very natural in the casual farmhouse setting. You can have everything from the actual trees and wreaths to just the little decorations in white. But to do it properly, it needs to be carried through as a total theme. Like a blanket of snow throughout your home. Touches of white decorations and ornaments here and there all through your house. In every room. That's what really makes the white Christmas theme sparkle!

Here's to dreaming!
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