A Merry Little Christmas Party Look!

How many Christmas parties are you going to this year? How many kinds of parties is a more important question to ask. You have house parties that are casual. And some are dressy. Some are a mix. Then you have the in-office office party. And the in-restaurant office party. There are the "expensive tickets" parties at a lovely venue. I'm sure there are other types of parties as well, but these pretty much cover anything that I've ever been to.

The outfits I'm showing you today can go to your casual parties at home and your in-office parties as well as most of the in-restaurant office parties. You have to know your people and your venue, of course.

A Merry Little Christmas Party
A blue pencil skirt and ivory cold-shoulder sweater with a colorful Christmas tree pin. Green suede heels and a dark blue handbag. Pretty colorful stone earrings. And top it all with a tartan cape for some drama.
A Merry Little Christmas Party 2
A black pencil skirt and pink blouse. Knee high pink leather boots and a black handbag. Pink and black earrings for sparkle. Top it all with a black and gray plaid shawl cardigan pinned with a pretty Christmas stocking brooch.
A Merry Little Christmas Party 3
A soft gray wrap sweater dress pinned with a sparkling blue snowflake brooch. Gray wool flats with sparkling stone decorations on the toe. Shimmery light blue handbag. Pretty light blue earrings finish the look.
A Merry Little Christmas Party 4
Leather leggings and a silk blush dress. Yes, a dress actually. It is short enough to be worn as a tunic top with these leggings. Add blush patent leather pumps and clutch with a large ribbon bow. Sparkling clear stone earrings and a charming faux cameo brooch with sparkling stones. What a fabulous look for a holiday party!
A Merry Little Christmas Party 5
A v-neck leopard print dress and ruched sleeve black blazer work well together. A small black bag with shiny chain would finish the look nicely. BUT, dark red velvet heels, a bright red poinsettia brooch, and red and black earrings add so much more to the look!
A Merry Little Christmas Party 6
This is more casual than the previous outfits, but it depends on your party venue. Is your office casual? Is this a house party and is your friend casual? Are you casual? Cause this is casual and fun! Slim fit olive green pants and an olive green cut out top. Pin it with a pretty vintage Christmas tree brooch. Slip into comfy low buckled boots and grab a berry red bag. Top this all with tasseled red earrings and a berry red oversized cardigan for coziness!
A Merry Little Christmas Party 7
Black leggings and an oversized peacock colored sweater pinned with a lovely Christmas tree brooch. Peacock colored heels and a black glittery star bag for lots of fun! Two-toned peacock stone earrings for some more sparkle, too!
A Merry Little Christmas Party 8
And finally, black leggings with a bright red asymmetric top pinned with a really lovely Christmas cameo brooch. Black and red ballet shoes and a red suede clutch with tassels add a bit of whimsy. Jingle bell earrings add a bit more fun!

So, eight looks to choose from for your medium to casual parties this season. Can you believe the season is upon us? I'm going to my first Christmas party this weekend. It's at a friend's house, but it's my husband's work mates, so it's casual, but you have to have a bit of decorum. I mean, he works with them. This isn't the venue for the revealing tops or short skirts. I don't dress that way anyway, but you have to keep that sort of thing in mind when dressing for work parties.

Each of these outfits has a Christmas brooch on it. I used them to make the outfits specifically for Christmas parties. Any outfit with a Christmas brooch is for a Christmas party. So, if you have a neutral outfit that you want to wear, just add a Christmas brooch to it and you're all set!

Untitled #3036
These are the brooches I used in the outfits above. Some vintage and some modern. They can be fun to collect over the years and use them throughout the season. Most of mine are snowmen and trees. My sister collects them as well. If you don't want them on your outfit, they also work well on coat or jacket lapels during the winter months. Adding a bit of sparkle or cheer to what can be a bleery time of the year.

Sometimes you will find that these large pins are too heavy for the sweater you want to pin it on. Be sure to pin through more than one layer. I have pinned into my bra strap to anchor a heavy pin. The strap isn't going anywhere, so it keeps the pin from pulling down on the sweater or scarf. 

So, pin one on!
Judi and the Blue Cat