Warming Up (and Looking Wonderful) with Denim!

For those of you who live in denim, I have a week's worth of great fall looks to stay warm and wonderful in!
Warming Up Denim 1
Layer sweaters over blouses and tuck skinny jeans into tall boots for warmth. Large B&W checks add the wonderful!
Warming Up Denim 2
Textured tops and denim coats add warmth and wonderful all at the same time!
Warming Up Denim 3
Chunky knits and faux furs add warmth, while outrageous fur color adds the wonderful!
Warming Up Denim 4
Layers for warmth. Making those layers fabulous adds the wonderful!
Warming Up Denim 5
Another layer of denim for warmth and some rather funky details, purple suede fringe and cartoony art, add the wonderful factor!
Warming Up Denim 6
Wool, knit, and faux fur definitely add the warmth here. The wonderful comes in details like B&W, animal print, and bright red trim on black.
Warming Up Denim 7
Layers for warmth undoubtedly. And the color red adds a lot of the wonderful. The details in the earrings and handbag make it even more special. What takes this outfit over the top are the red leather boots! Warmth and wonderful all in one!
Warming Up Denim 8
Textured knits under a layer of wool for warmth - yes! A wonderful faux fur collar adds more wonderful warmth! Literally tie the outfit together with straps in suede and leather for some more wonderful! The use of green does the same thing in the accessories. A warm and wonderful look that starts with denim.

Wishing you a warm and wonderful week!
Judi and the Blue Cat