The Digital Gallery Presents SUBURBHATER

I would like to share the artwork of a particularly gifted digital artist with you this week. Her Polyvore name is SUBURBHATER. She has been on Polyvore for seven years and is from Canada. Her work has always been inspirational to me and has always stood out in any group she has joined. I am sharing some of her most recent work with you.

7642 - simpler times
Simpler Times

7637 - therapy session
Therapy Session
7636 - refills

7634 - mind meld
Mind Meld

7631 - where to start?
Where to Start?

7632 - musically inclined
Musically Inclined

7629 - Window on the night
Window on the Night

7628 - Tabitha really hated to leave home
Tabitha really hated to leave home

7627 - travel arrangements
Travel Arrangements

7624 - breathe

7623 - the great cat rock caper
The Great Cat Rock Caper

7617 - whistle down the wind
Whistle Down the Wind
7608 - giving thanks in all things
Giving Thanks in All Things

7600 - onward

7601 - and upward
and upward

I hope you enjoyed this presentation of this very gifted artist's work as much as I enjoyed bringing it to you.

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Until next time,
Judi and the Blue Cat