Starting to Think About Winter?

It seems like we just got into Fall clothes and here I am talking about Winter! But since we've already had our first frost, and some of you have had your first snowfall; I think it might be appropriate to get on the ball about Winter things, too. Thanksgiving is Thursday and my sister is already fluffing her trees getting ready to decorate for Christmas. So, okay, I guess it is really time. I'm just not quite ready for it. Am I ever?

Oh well, ready or not, let's look good when it gets here!

Thinking Winter! 1
Pink and black is such a great girly combination! This is the grown up version. Pink pencil skirt with black lace trim at hem and black lace blouse with a camisole. Top with slim pink kimono jacket. Add pink pumps and two-tone handbag. Jet earrings add some sparkle. For warmth top it all with a dark and medium gray wool coat with a large faux fur collar.
Thinking Winter! 2
Skinny jeans and a striped blouse under a striped blanket cardigan. Two-tone suede booties and a large black tote make sassy accessories. Earrings also add interest with the two tones and a pearl. Keep it all warm with a fringed scarf, leather gloves, and a multi-striped coat with slash pockets. A graphic statement!
Thinking Winter! 3
A gold lace midi skirt and a deep chestnut chiffon layered blouse. Gold suede boots make you look tall with the color going all the way to the floor. A light chestnut colored leather bag adds interest. Chestnut colored earrings add some sparkle. Warm it all up for the outdoors with a knitted lace scarf and faux fur jacket in multi-tones.

Thinking Winter! 4
Stone colored suede leggings and a royal blue velvet tunic top look quite elegant with black and royal flats and a faux fur bag. The star-studded scarf adds a bit of fun, and the sapphire and diamond earrings add sparkle. The pale blue coat looks cold, but its wool will keep you warm when the wind blows.

Thinking Winter! 5
A copper and cream striped skirt topped with a chunky knit cream sweater looks great with ankle booties and two toned bag in similar tones. Rose gold earrings blend well. For more warmth when you must face the cold, a multicolored scarf and pine green wool coat with an oversized faux fur collar.
Thinking Winter! 6
Olive skinny cargo pants and a peaches and cream tunic sweater with a print silk scarf tied at the neck are a great start. Tuck the cargoes into cream suede knee high boots and rose gold teardrop earrings finish the look. The leather and suede pierced bag adds more green and suede to the look, so it's a good choice here. A canvas coat full of warm stuffing and a large, fluffy faux fur collar top it all to keep you warm. The nude tone gloves with nail polish accents are for fun and warmth!
Thinking Winter! 7
This dress is a plus-size item. It's short, but for winter, you may not want to be wearing something this short when the wind is blowing cold. So add a pair of leggings or heavy opaque tights and short funky boots to the outfit for a cute look. For a more sophisticated look, the taller, high-heeled boots would work. The red handbag picks up the primary color in the design on the front of the dress. The earrings pick up all of the colors! The faux fur coat keeps out the cold!
Thinking Winter! 8
A pair of skinny jeans, a print tunic blouse, and a fringed blue on black blanket cardigan look great with pointed, textured flats and a black handbag. These are all in very dark tones and along slim lines. The bright sky blue and white earrings add a touch of brightness and light to the outfit. For warmth, cover up with a charcoal blue waterfall wool coat and a sky blue scarf. Add sky blue leather gloves with creamy white pom poms for extra fun!

T'is the season for layers. Not the lightweight layers we were wearing last month, but heavier layers that include wool and fleece. This is not the time for peep-toes anymore. Put those to the back of your closet and wear the closed toe shoes and your boots. Ankle boots, knee-high boots or over-the-knee boots. Whatever you like, they're in all the stores and everywhere on-line! Prices range from quite affordable to simply outrageous!

You know your own area, so be smart about buying winter coats. If you get a mild winter, you can get just about anything that appeals to you. If your winters are serious, pay more attention to fabric content when shopping. You don't want wool blends, you want 100% wool for warmth. You don't want just any fleece, you want the wind cutter fleece to break the wind. You don't want just any puffer, you want one with real down with a temperature rating proper for your area. Don't waste your money on a coat that's not going to keep you warm. It's just not worth it, no matter how smart it looks!

So now's the time to look through your closet and find your warm clothes. Pick things up from the dry cleaners if they've been in storage there for the summer. Think ahead to what layers work with what. Try new things that you haven't done before for fresh, new looks with what you already have. Shop for what you need to add or put those things on your Christmas wish list and make sure you add color and size so you don't have to exchange after the holiday!

Next week is the fourth week before Christmas, so I'll start looking at fashions for different types of holiday parties you might get invited to. It looks like all the holidays hit at about the same time this year. And then there's New Year's Eve and Day. So you'll need clothes for house parties, office parties, big parties, and small parties. Family and friends parties. And parties where you don't know anyone. I'll do my best to find you outfits for every occasion. 

Until then, enjoy the other offerings here on Blue Cat Review!
Judi and the Blue Cat