Reading Nook Looks!

I ran across a collection of reading nook designs on Polyvore the other day and decided with all the book reviews on the blog, now would be a great time to include some of these. They are done by the designers on Polyvore, and none of the designs are mine. They cover a wide range of decorating styles and spaces. I hope you enjoy this collection. 

(1) Soft, inviting and lovely. Traditional and rather elegant. Makes me want to call for the maid to bring me a cup of tea to go with my book!

(2) A totally different look in a similar color. The leather chair and ottoman makes the look much more modern. Some industrial touches (lamp and shelved table) keep it casual and livable. The artwork is fun, too!   
(3) And totally differentis this zen look where you can stretch out and really fall into your current read. Lots of greenery to encourage serenity and fresh air. 
 (4) Another soft look, but this time with a midcentury look to it. Lots of book storage to keep you here.
(5) This one is tucked down in the basement, but there's nothing dark or dingy about it. Rustic with a bit of the minimalistic look. But it still stores your books and has great reading light!

(6) Here, surrounded by lots of tropical looking greenery, this glass enclosed space provides an elegant and comfortable spot 
to be an armchair traveler and travel to tropical lands by book.

(7) Good lighting, comfy seating and lots of books! What more could you want in this lovely blue and white oasis?

Did you enjoy this tour of lovely and comfortable reading nooks? I'd love to add any one of them to my house!

Designers: (1) gracekathryn, (2) p-for-paola, (3) esch103, (4) halfmoonrun, (5) kwaldrip, (6) arimagedesign, and (7) kathy-martensen-sanko