I'm Dreaming of a Peacock Christmas! What Color is Your Christmas?

Everywhere you look this year you see lots of lovely teal and peacocks! We see peacocks for Christmas? Yes, this year seems to be the Year of the Christmas Peacock. So let's see what it takes to do it!
Peacock for Christmas
Looks to me like it takes lots of green and blue on the tree. You can also support the look throughout the room with other design elements that aren't ornaments. Things like lamps and artwork. Pillows and such. All these things add to the peacock look. It is a very luxurious look, especially if you spread it around.

Details of a Peacock Christmas
Tree toppers and ornaments. Ribbons and clip-on peacocks. Feathers and tree skirts. And more throw pillows! Even a wreath made of feathers! The peacock motif is very popular as a decor element right now anyway, so doing it for Christmas is easy. A throw tossed across the back of the sofa and some pillows add the color and motif to a room in a big way. You'll even find inexpensive (and expensive) wine glasses and dishes with this motif and the colors available in your home dec stores. Makes your holiday entertaining really fun!

After the holiday decor is taken down and packed away, you may decide you want to keep that lovely teal color around year round. It's a wonderful, rich color and is very easy to decorate with in any room of the house.

So have yourself a merry little Christmas!
Judi and the Blue Cat