Front Porches and Fall Decor

It's time to decorate the front porch for fall! Do you decorate the whole porch or just the front door? Do you have a porch or just a front door?

Whatever you have, these fall porch decorating photos should give you some great ideas!

Front Porch Fall Decor

It's harvest season, so use the fruits of the harvest. Some props to consider if you have the space are chairs or benches, planters, lanterns, or wooden crates.
Front Porch Fall Decor 2
Try something a little nontraditional this year. Don't use just pumpkins. Other things get harvested at this time of year. Or use your pumpkins in nontraditional ways... put a bow on it! Spell out "welcome" and stack them! Use the white ones for a totally different look. Or trying some wooden ones for the fun of it!

Whatever you do, have fun with it and make it welcoming!

Do you know what the color of your front door says about you? What the color is saying about you? Make your fall decor work with the color of your front door! Send a message in color!

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