Dipped in Chocolate (decorate in all the flavors!)

Yes, you really can decorate in all the flavors of chocolate! Doesn't that sound yummy? What woman doesn't look good in chocolate? I mean, I have a mild chocolate allergy, so I have to use caution when eating chocolate. But I still indulge when I'm able. I sin on the dark side...
Chocolate A
I like it best when the furnishings are the dark chocolate bits and the room itself is a lighter shade, either a milkier chocolate tint or white chocolate. Especially striking is when you paint your walls a cream just short of white, nice and crisp. Then paint accents with darker chocolate tones. And use darkest cacao tones for the furnishings in very plush fabrics.
Chocolate B
You do need to make sure that you use fabrics with texture, either actual or visual. Flat fabrics just don't do these tones justice. Add lovely wood tones to complement the chocolate. The more throw pillows, the better. They are wonderful on a long sofa, indulgent.

Your lighting is important. If you use glass fixtures, make sure they shine. If you use wood, go for open shapes rather than closed, blocky shapes. Metal fixtures in warm tones work well, too. Make sure your surfaces are clean and shiny to reflect light. You don't want dim lighting. Then your chocolate decor falls flat. 
Chocolate C
Use large rugs on hardwood floors. Don't use solid colored rugs. They go flat and dull. Use a print rug, even if it's a subtle print. But larger prints or patterns are so fun and really attractive. You'd be surprised how much more life a room will have with a print rug.

Choose a room to decorate in chocolate and see how it feels to indulge. Send me a picture of your room at judieasley@comcast.net
Don't miss tomorrow's "50 Shades of Chocolate" in The Digital Gallery. Enjoy the rest of your week!

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