A Peek at Some Thanksgiving Decor Ideas!

I took some of the Thanksgiving decor ideas from the contest on Polyvore to share with you. So many of the entries were so very, very pumpkin orange. I tried to stay away from those sets. I tried for sets that were more appealing. I leave it up to your own conscience what you do to share with those other than your own family. I don't preach.


I love the feeling and sentiment of this piece. The feeling is so light and airy. If we were sitting at this table, we would be able to carry on a conversation across the table. Yes, there are tall items in the center, but they are spaced well to allow for talking. And I really like the combination of all the different metals.

Festive....Not Fussy !!
Festive not Fussy
by kateo

It's exactly as the title says, festive without being fussy. It's bright and colorful, but not overwhelmingly so. And I love the shape of those wine glasses!
Thanksgiving Decor
Thanksgiving Decor
by kiki-bi

Simple and classic, gold on white. So pretty. And lime green!
B r a n c h Out into the Season - Home
Branch Out Into The Season
by nonniekiss

A minimalist look at decor as we move on into the holidays. Using clean branches for decoration against white creates a stark, stripped down look that can be very appealing when everything else is getting crazy and hectic.
Basket Cast
by queenofsienna

Another approach to containing the clutter. Baskets are a great way to confine all the loose ends, the bits, and pieces that escape your control as you go about your day to day life. Scoop the whole project up and toss it into a basket. It's all there when you have the time to go back to it. Or stash all of the month's magazines in one so that you know where they are when you have the time to browse through them. At our house, there's one for dog toys and one for cat toys. So we don't have to walk on them and the Roomba doesn't vac them up.

Winter Kitchen ~ Hot Cocoa
Hot Chocolate Bar ~ Winter Kitchen
by alexandrazeres

This is something I wish I had room for in my kitchen! It's not only pretty to look at, but think of being able to make hot chocolate easily any time of day, or night!

Well, I hope you got some ideas for the start of the season. If you're here in the US of A and doing Thanksgiving tomorrow, be thankful. If you're an American not able to be here at home for the holiday, I hope you come home safely soon.
Happy Thanksgiving!
Judi and the Blue Cat