50 Shades of Chocolate

No, Mr Grey has not changed his name. This is the consummation of Chocolate Week here on Blue Cat Review! So here's some chocolatey art!
Boss Lady's Morning
Way to Start the Morning
by mrscharley
Oh, no! Am I chocoholic?
"Oh no! Am I a chocoholic?!"
by alicja2204
(The artist's note said yes!)
A Chocolate Sunset
Chocolate Sunset
by mrscharley
As Good as Chocolate
As Good As Chocolate
by likepolyfashion
AJV Feb Day 14 chocolate
Save the Earth!
by mrscharley
by keti-lady
Chocolate made my day~
Chocolate Made My Day
by rainie-minnie
by nana-widia

Prisons in Your Minds, Prisons of All Kinds
Prisons in your mind, Prisons of all kinds
by mrscharley

Should I apologize for getting a little carried away with chocolate, or not? There were more, but I decided I had gone far enough with the theme this week. Maybe I'll do it again sometime. Well, here's hoping the rest of your week goes well and you have a wonderful weekend. Don't miss tomorrow's book review of The Whole Town's Talking. I've been busy reading and writing more reviews of some really awesome books. I've got some really good ones coming up!

Judi and the Blue Cat