Trace Your Roots by Maureen Vincent-Northam

 Trace Your Roots 
                                                        by  Maureen Vincent-Northam
Kindle Edition125 pages
Published June 19, 2015, by Crooked Cat Publishing

GoodReads Summary:
Discover your ancestors. Grow your family tree.

Trace your Roots is an invaluable guide for every budding genealogist.

Full of effective tips and advice on tracing your family's history, from gathering background information and deciphering old documents, to discovering and consulting less well-known records and reading between the lines when tackling civil resources.

An easy-to-use guide for your ancestry research.

My Review:
I'm fairly new to genealogy and I have wasted a lot of time looking around for resources and not knowing where else to look. This book has the resources and the questions you need to be asking all in one place in a nicely flowing, easy to follow guide. There are lots of sources listed to connect with and explanations as to why your search should go that way. This seems like a great resource for a newbie genealogist trying to build her family tree. I know I plan to use it in my search for ancestors, especially when it comes to connecting them to the "old country".

I was provided a digital copy of this by Crooked Cat Publishing and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. I am not being compensated in any way. All opinions are fully my own.
~ Judi E. Easley