The Upcoming Week

Untitled #2985Good evening, all. It's been a busy weekend! I went for a long ride through some absolutely gorgeous fall colour and lots of wonderfully funny scarecrows today with my husband. It was so relaxing. New England is beautiful this time of year. But we are still seeing the results of the drought this summer. Our reservoir is still down almost four feet! We need more rain. I hate to say that just after Hurricane Matthew hit the southern part of our country and Haiti, but it didn't do us any good up here.

Well, this week, I have book review on a book that's due out on Tuesday. So, you'll hear about it on Monday and can buy it on Tuesday! It's called Out of Practice by Phoebe Fox. I gave it 4 stars. It's a contemporary romance, woman's lit type of book. Take a look at Monday's review and see if you want to add it to your "to read" list. Tuesday I have the secrets of a mermaid's wardrobe for you.Untitled #2986
I mean, do you know what mermaids wear in the fall? There's only one way you would know... Read Tuesday's post all the way to the end, and you'll know!

A Peek Inside is about the details in Shabby Chic. And The Digital Gallery is all about Numbers! Then back to books on Friday with a very heartwarming book called Three Amazing Things About You. This is one that really gets you. It's by Jill Mansell and it's another contemporary romance but it's really mostly a women's lit book. I fell in love with this one and put it on my "Favorites" list. Do read the review and pick up a copy of it.

Have a wonderful week!
Judi and the Blue Cat