The Army Calls It OD, Olive Drab - Nothing Drab About It!

My Dad was in the Army for 20 years and I grew up with this color around all the time. The Army called it Olive Drab (OD), so that's what I have always called it. It's a grayish olive color and it is very popular in the fashion world these days. It can actually look absolutely stunning on a lot of people, and yet the Army used it because it blended into the background, the ultimate neutral color. I'm using it as my color of the week this week. Let's look at some style!
OD Fall
Gold is a great color with OD. It brightens things up right away. Another fabulous pairing with OD is animal prints. The warmth of the animal prints work wonderfully with the neutrality of the OD.
OD Fall 2
OD with brown is like grass and dirt, a combination you don't even have to think about. Add a pop of metallic gold and you will dazzle!
OD Fall 3
Tone on tone is a great way to do this great utility color. From it's darkest tones to it's lightest tints.
OD Fall 4
OD works well with leather and suede, too. And, as you can see, it handles plaid just fine!
OD Fall 5
You can blend OD with other tones of Olive and Green as well. The grayed hue works well with the richness of a nice warm Olive Green. It makes the other Greens look even richer, brighter.
OD Fall 6
And though it is a grayed hue, it works really well with touches of black. A sophisticated combination.
OD Fall 7
Did you miss the point where I mentioned it is the ultimate neutral? It handles bright, rich colors very well! It gives them a solid ground to pop on and enriches their tones!
OD Fall 8
Blue jeans, touches of black, more OD, pops of bright colors, leather, suede ... OD can handle it all in style!

What have you got in your closet in this versatile hue? If you don't have any or enough, it's in the stores a lot right now. This is a classic that will be with us for a lot of years, so don't be afraid of adding it to your wardrobe.

Happy Tuesday!
Judi and the Blue Cat