Shabby Chic: It's All in the Details

Shabby Chic is a cozy style that makes most people think of pink and white bedrooms with lots of lace and pillows. But it's much more than that. Shabby Chic is all in the details.
Shabby Chic: It's All in the Details
One of the details you'll see in Shabby Chic is cast iron. You'll see beds with all those lovely curlicues at the head and foot and sometimes along the sides. You'll see lots of fleur-de-lis designs in cast iron. And you'll see keys and doorknob designs. Lots of hooks and such. Switchplates for your light switches. And you'll see rings for your towels. Lots of things done in cast iron with plenty of curly decorations on them.
Shabby Chic: It's All in the Details 2
Then there's the embellishment. The furniture needs to have embellishment. Nothing plain. Every edge must have some sort of design. Lamps and lampshades are adorned heavily. Lots of fringes, lace and beads there. Mirrors and picture frames are painted and draped with laces and veils. Sparkly things are added as well. Even floral arrangements are decorated. Tied with bows and set on lacy tablecloths.

Then there are the pillows. Not only are there lots of pillows in Shabby Chic decor, but they are usually well plumped and well embellished. Beads, silk flowers, ribbons, and lace are all part of the pillow look for this fun decorating style.
Shabby Chic: It's All in the Details 3
The third detail isn't so much a detail as an overall aspect of the style. Everything about Shabby Chic is totally feminine. The soft colors, even when the color is gray. The lines of the furnishings are all curvy. Everything is embellished and decorated to within an inch of its life. Even when you do the simplest of Shabby Chic looks, you have plump pillows, pretty lamps, and layers of soft accessories with soft colors. It's just such a feminine look. It always makes me sigh. It makes me feel girly, too. Like I'm playing house.

I often wonder when I see pictures of Shabby Chic, how a guy would do living in a house done this way. Would he feel out of place? Do any of you have Shabby Chic in your homes?

Have a delightful Wednesday,
Judi and the Blue Cat