industrial decor made simple

industrial decor
All that industrial stuff out there looks rather interesting, doesn't it? But what do you do with it? Do you really want to change your home decor to steampunk? I don't, but the various items are so interesting. They don't go with everything, though.

The pipes look really good with plump, stuffed chairs and sofas with rounded arms. Something about the plump furniture balances out the skinny pipe parts so well. Velvet and brocade and leather seem to work well, too. The luxury of the fabrics also seems to counterbalance the harsh metallic of the pipes.
Industrial decor 2
Exposed light bulbs are such a part of this look. And old fans. But don't forget metallic art pieces and mirrors for the walls and tabletops. Paintings seem to fall into the abstract or grunge category, though some rustic art might work as well. This is a total look, so it's one time where your art does need to work well with the sofa.

This is a casual elegance look. You're mixing some high end pieces such as a velvet chesterfield sofa with a some lower end pieces. Add in book shelves and table made from repurposed wood and copper piping. Andy Warhol paintings on the wall. And a bare wire waste basket by the table. Leather bound books on the shelves with concrete pots of succulents by the window. Balance and counterbalance.

Hope you have fun trying (or just imagining) this unique style of home decor!
Happy Wednesday!
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