Good Morning!


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Good morning. Hope you're all having a great weekend. I thought I'd let you all know what's ahead for you this week. Weather-wise, I'm hoping it's going to be as good a week for us as it was last week. I'm hoping it's going to be better for my cousins in Florida than it was this past week. I've been praying that they didn't get blown away or float away. They keep posting on Facebook, so that's a good thing.

My brother and his family went back to their various homes and things aren't as exciting this week. It was great to see my brother and his wife. It's been a long time since we saw them. Even longer since we saw his son. And we got to meet his son's wife and child. So it was a very exciting visit. Mom was so surprised. She knew nothing about their visit and we just took her to lunch and had her walk in to sit down with them all. She'll be 90 in December, so we did it as an early 90th birthday party. It was great fun with 4 generations. We took lots of pictures for the family tree! My sister and I will be working on that this winter.
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This week I'll be working on getting ahead again on book reviews. I've been reading some really great books and am anxious to share them with you. I think I'm going to have to either do more than one book each Monday and Friday on a regular basis or do book reviews on more days. Not sure which right now. My tablet is so full of books to read right now and I'm a fairly fast reader. So, I'm sure you'll be seeing more book reviews and probably a new format for them. Hope we get to see some more from Sarah. Her reviews are awesome, aren't they?

Well, Monday I have a review on the book Beast by Savannah Rylan. It's an MC Contemporary Romance that I've put on my Read Again list. "Your Week in Fashion" is all about styling Grey and Black this week. A subtle, but sophisticated combination that tends to take over a closet if you're not careful. And "A Peek Inside" is industrial. How do you use those pipe-based things in home decor? Well, I'll show you a few ways. "The Digital Gallery" is a bit on the steampunk-ish side with some grunge and some grey and black art pieces. Then Friday's book review is a trio of books by Amanda Weaver called The Grantham Girls. These are historical romance/woman's lit. Don't miss my picks for Etsy on the sidebar. And keep up with my Pinterest pins as well. I have over 200 boards, so you're likely to find something of interest! There's a window into my most recent pins on the sidebar.

Hope you all have a wonderful week.
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