Black + White = Grey, Black + Grey + Style!

Are you like me? When you look in your closet you see some colors and then you see black, black, grey, black, grey, grey, black, grey? I have predominantly black and grey in my wardrobe, honestly. I do have color, but almost 25% of my tops are black or grey or some combination of the two. Is it boring? No. Well, if you wear that because you don't know what to do with anything else or you're just too damn lazy to do anything else, that's different. Then again, there are some people who make a conscious decision to keep their wardrobe and their style simply black and grey or black and white or something like that. That's different. That's a personal style and some of those people spend more on just black and grey in a year than you or I spend on all our colors in a lifetime.

So, what do you do with black and grey? It is a sophisticated pairing and a subtle one. Let's do it...

grey and black 2

A black and grey print silk dress with black shoes, black and grey handbag and silver hoop earrings. Simple and sophisticated.
grey and black
All in shades of grey, pants medium, top dark, coat light, booties and bag mediums. A scarf that mixes the shades to hold it all together.
grey and black 3
Tweed slacks and a black top with a large floral print. Top it with a cropped black blazer. Heels and bag in lighter shades of grey and flower earrings to blend with the top. (Yes, I know pink isn't a shade of black or grey).
grey and black 4
Tapered black trousers and an open black jacket. A pretty medium grey sweater with 3/4 bell sleeves and a pin for accent. Grey booties with strappy accents and a two toned bag. Earrings in black are flirty and fun with jet beads and bows.
grey and black 5
A black dress, black heels with accent embroidery, and a black velvet box bag. Silver and diamond earrings in a sinuous shape for some shine. A soft grey no-button coat and an ombre grey scarf.
grey and black 6
A black leather shirt with grey piping trim. A black and grey striped chiffon blouse (I suggest a soft grey cami under this). Shiny black earrings. Black heels with bows, so reminiscent of tap shoes. And a black handbag with lovely lines. Top this with a sweater jacket in charcoal, taupe and soft grey with fringe for a great eclectic look.
grey and black 7
Black slacks with a black and white Breton striped tunic top. Topped with a tweed knit cardigan. Black and gold jewelry add accents. Black and gold kitty flats add some fun as well. 
grey and black 8
Grey tweed pencil skirt topped by a dark grey cowl neck tunic top. Add a lighter grey oversized cardi with zip accent pockets. Medium grey suede heels and a black Gucci bag add lots of class. Black and gold earrings finish the look. 

And that's how you style black and grey for a great look! Take a look in your grey and black section and see how many ways you can style it! Try to style just the two colors, just grey and black. See how many combinations you come up with. Happy Tuesday! 
Judi and the Blue Cat