No Strings Attached by Lily Bishop

25183912 No Strings Attached
City Lights series #1 by Lily Bishop
Kindle Edition243 pages
Published May 25, 2013, by Lily Bishop 

GoodReads Summary:
Was it his gaze from across the blackjack table? The little nick on his chin that she wanted to kiss and make better? The way his bright blue eyes seemed to see to the heart of her? Whatever it was, Laura Todd was pulled in by Fox Thornton. A whirlwind Las Vegas romance followed, but things heat up again in Miami, in all the wrong ways. Embezzlement, ambition, and erotic romance aren't the perfect match, but that's all they have. Will it be enough?

My Review:
This was a really good read! I'm quite ready to read the rest of the series when I start buying books again, and there are at least 5 books in the series. After I get caught up on what's already sitting in my Kindle and nook waiting for my attention.

Laura's hardworking, smart and quite naive. Fox is rich, clever, and very taken with Laura. He's also investigating the company she works for.

It's an outlandish romp with a Paula Dean type character in there and a foreign island with gambling and embezzlement and even a bit of kidnapping! Through it all, the characters stay true to themselves. They are well written and interact very well. Even the ones that are minor characters. Somehow, the author makes this all work and seem possible.

I acquired this from Amazon and chose to review it. I am not being compensated in any way. All opinions are fully my own.
~ Judi E. Easley