Hostile Takeover: A Love Story by Phyllis J. Piano

29332830 hostile takeover: a love story
                                            by Phyllis J. Piano
Paperback272 pages
Expected publication: October 4, 2016, by Sparkpress

GoodReads Summary:
Long-lost love, a hostile corporate takeover, and the death of her beloved husband turn attorney Molly Parr s life into a tailspin that threatens to ruin everything she has worked for. Molly s all-consuming job is to take over other companies, but when her first love, a man who she feels betrayed her, appears out of nowhere to try and acquire her business, long-hidden passions and secrets are exposed. Can Molly trust the man who broke her heart years ago, and who may be manipulating her now to get what he wants? Further complicating matters is the reemergence of her lost love's brother, who was a dear friend and knows the shocking truth about their past. As Molly painfully revisits the old betrayal, she partners with her boss and mentor to fight the takeover at all costs and the chaos that ensues forces Molly to chart a dramatic new direction for her life. She must decide: does she have the courage to follow her heart and expose her painful past? A decision that may cost her everything.

My Review:
This was sent to me by NetGalley and the publisher as a digital copy in exchange for an honest review. I am not being compensated in any way. All opinions are fully my own.
~Judi E. Easley

I thoroughly enjoyed this book as a cozy read. It didn't strain my brain any or challenge me in any way. It was just a really good read. Here's a gal who's working in her field of taking over other companies with her boss, who's a mentor and friend. Then along comes a bigger shark to take over her company. Then the shark turns around and she sees his face. A face from her past!

She's a widow. But now this beloved face from her past is suddenly in front of her. He betrayed her. And then there's his brother, who was like a brother to her. He says she needs to listen and trust. She wants to believe, but can she trust?

The author does a really good job of blending stories from the past and present and helping the people involved heal and go forward. It has been said by another reviewer that this is a bit like Robyn Carr, and I must agree. There is that softness to it that she brings to her books even in the worst of situations. And the knowing that you'll have a happy ending. And there is, a happy ending. I recommend this one!