Grey or Gray, How do You spell Home?

beige & grey .. harmony

beige & grey .. harmony

Grey and beige do not always make greige. Sometimes, they just make a nice harmonious environment in which to live. One that's a great background for life and its many happenings. It's good for quiet times as well as friendly party times. It's good for great company times as well as alone times. It handles the blues as well as it does a hot romance paperback book. For whatever you do in your life, the subtle tones of grey and beige could work for you.

navy & gray .. structure

navy & gray - structured
Gray and navy have a completely different dynamic. Together, these two are a strong couple. They are a firmly structured combination. There are no blurred lines here. Each firmly stands with the other, almost against each other. It's a bold statement, not for the world weary one who needs a sanctuary at the end of the day, but for the warrior who energizes in her own space and goes out to face the world fully charged. Or for the very confident woman who looks best in a great setting. Is this your setting?