Fashion Rebels by Carlyn Cerniglia Beccia

28954234Fashion Rebels 
by Carlyn Cerniglia Beccia
Paperback176 pages
Expected publication: September 6th 2016 by Aladdin/Beyond Words

GoodReads Summary:Throughout time, daring women have made fashion choices that have altered the course of history. From Marie Antoinette, who wore a hairstyle as large as her presence, to Coco Chanel, who imagined a world without rib crushing corsets and heavy gowns, to Katharine Hepburn, who walked around the studio in her underwear when studio executives refused to let her wear her then-scandalous jeans, these women were mavericks as well as rebellious icons.
Their fashion choices mirrored and redefined what it meant to be a woman in their era. They didn’t follow trends or cultural conventions, but instead set the course with their own style. Their brave and inventive fashion choices paved the way for female empowerment.

Featuring hairstyle tips, DIY projects, inspiration boards that break down each icon’s style, and illustrated timelines that cover the evolution of pants, skirts, the little black dress, and more, Fashion Rebels: Style Icons Who Changed the World through Fashion invites readers to treat fashion as an act of fearless creativity—and even become fashion trailblazers themselves.

I was provided a digital copy of this book by Aladdin and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. I am not being compensated in any way. All opinions stated are fully my own.

~ Judi E. Easley

My Review:
This is the book I wish I had been able to read when I was a young teen and starting to figure out what my style was and who I was. Not only does Carlyn Cerniglia Beccia use women that most young teens will recognize and explain in detail their style. She also explains their fifteen minutes of fame in the context of the world around us. Later in the book, she compares the women and allows you to see their similarities. And if you don't get all this from the text of the book, the fabulous illustrations will show you the way! Lady Gaga's meat dress. Jackie Kennedy's dented pill box. She shows us all the details she talks about in wonderful color.

This isn't just a book about fashion, though. This is a book about how and why these women became these icons as we know them. Some of them set out for fame and fortune. But some of them were just trying to survive the role life had handed them. They didn't start out important, famous women. They started out just normal girls, trying to grow up and be the best they could be, just like girls today. The author tells about the struggles some of these women went through to reach these pinnacles. She has created some wonderful role models for girls in life, not just in fashion. She's telling them to be true to themselves and do it their way. This would be a fantastic book to have on every middle school library shelf.