Computer Invasion! Recovery Hurts!

I hate to say this, but I allowed my security software to expire. I do know better than that. I kept meaning to take care of it, but I kept forgetting to do it with everything else that's been going on. Well, the aliens finally got me. I had to do a Recovery on my computer and it hurt! I'm sure I've lost more than I realize. This weekend, I'm going to buy a back-up system and get good about it. My security software is all up-to-date and the maintenance has all been done. So now I just have to try to function without those things I lost. And, I'm sure I'll stumble across things as I go that I don't realize I've lost yet. I already have a timer set on my phone to remind me to do back-ups! So, if things are a bit wonky, or wonkier than usual, around here for awhile, that's why. Thanks for listening!

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