Bitterwood by Rowan Speedwell

30623998 Bitterwood
                                                   by Rowan Speedwell
ebook2nd Edition167 pages
Expected publication: September 19, 2016, by Riptide Publishing (first published September 24, 2011)

GoodReads Summary:
Outrunning a winter storm in the north, Captain Faran of the King's Guard leads his men and a young mage named Meric to shelter at Bitterwood Manor, the ancestral home of the Daenes. Faran and his troops have been searching for weeks for a mysterious, lion-like beast that reportedly haunts the uncharted northern woods. For Meric, finding that prophesied cat is a matter of life and death.

Though Faran is deeply focused on their mission, the enigmatic Joss Daene, Lord of Bitterwood, fascinates him. Strong and proud, Joss is everything Faran wants in a lover. More, if he were honest. But Joss belongs to Bitterwood and Faran to his duty.

Together they will need to brave the oldest, darkest part of the Bitterwood in the coldest, deepest snows of winter to find the legendary cat. But time is running out—for Meric, for the kingdom, and for Faran and Joss’s fledgling love.

My Review:
I received this book from NetGalley and the publisher in exchange for an honest review. I am not being compensated in any way. All opinions are fully my own.
~Judi E. Easley

This was a pleasant read. It is what I call light reading. A novella? Only 167 pages, but still a full story, just not too deep. I don't usually like this sort of book, but this is an exception. It is also about a gay relationship, in case that's not your thing. It's done very well and is very sexy. 

The characters are attractive. I immediately wanted to pay attention to them. They looked good, they sounded good. They had good ideals. There was questing for a "great cat". There was a mystery involved about this "great cat" and, obviously, someone knew it's secrets. There are magic and adventure all tied up with love in a small package with hunky, loving men. What's not to like?