8 Looks of Good Proportion and a Bonus View!

This week, I have long cardis and looks that show the proportion you want to have with them. I also have a bonus view that shows the wide range of longer cardigans out there today. 

Keep in mind that your own body proportions may seriously alter what the proportions for long cardis are for you. If you really want to rock the look, experiment with it and find the right length and proportions for you. Too much cardi and it just looks sloppy. It overwhelms some figures. 

So try them in the fitting room, take pictures, take along a friend with great style taste who will tell you the truth. Try all the different knits and styles and lengths. Belt them, leave them loose. Push up the sleeves and leave them down. Really put this style through its paces. This is one that needs to be rehearsed before you go live with it. The wrong cardi proportions can be anywhere from just not right to disastrous.
Long Cardis 7
Straight legged jeans and a looong cardi work well. This one is a fairly firm knit and isn't going to cling all over. The medium heel on the shoes is perfect with this look. With the really long cardigans, you need the height.
Long Cardis 1
With this cocoon cardi, you don't need such a high heel, but it's not wrong with the look. This is a smooth cotton knit that shouldn't cling much other than the shaping. Play with the two different sleeve lengths and see what looks best on you.
 Long Cardis 2
This cardi hits about the knees, so it really is fine with flats or a low heel. Even the cuffed jeans are fine here.
Long Cardis 3
This look needs the highest heels. The cardi is long and full, made of a thin, soft knit. It will flow and blow and possibly cling some. It has extra fullness in the body of the cardigan as well as a lapel that comes from the body of the cardigan. So the more height you can give it, the better it will look.
Long Cardis 4
This pink and purple look is and easy going one. You just need to make sure that the cardi is longer than the dress. How much longer is a personal style preference. But don't go too long, or you'll throw the proportions off. I think you'll see it in the mirror if you start looking for it.
Long Cardis 5
This is the one I want. Though I can't wear it. I can't wear heels, so the proportions would be waaay off on me. If the skirt stopped at the knee and the cardi was just 2" longer than the skirt, I could wear some nice flats with it. Then I could have it!

Even better on my figure, if the skirt were tapered slacks and the cardi stopped mid thigh. Those proportions would be best on me.
Long Cardis 6
Yes, I'm crazy about this one, too. Again, the proportions, because I can't wear heels. I would have to shorten the sweater to mid thigh to wear it with flats. And I'd do it in a heartbeat, too! But as it is here, this sweater needs the height of heels or someone with very long legs.
Long Cardis 8
This one is so perfect for someone who can wear pumps and look good. I just love this whole look!

And now, the bonus, some of the many varieties of looong cardis available to you today...have fun playing!
Hope you find this helpful in your search for the right cardi for you. I decided to write this post because I bought the wrong one the first time without trying it on and had to return it. I may be 5'7" but with the way it's put together, I have to be careful how I dress my body. The fact that I can't wear high heels also limits the way I can style things.

See you tomorrow when A Peek Inside does gray and navy for a super interior look.
Best wishes from Judi and the Blue Cat