8 Great Fall Looks

With mid-September upon us and Halloween already in the stores, it's definitely time to look at fall looks. The colors of fall are so rich that I like to spell it the British way with the "u", colours! So let's look at some looks for fall and see what we've got.

Fall Colour 1

An Army green skirt (the Army calls it "OD", olive drab) with a vintage print top and a gold cardigan. Add olive green peep toe booties and a caramel color suede and leather bag for a great look. Nice gold hoop earrings finish it off.
Fall Colour 2
OD chinos and a boxy turtleneck sweater under a camel coat. Tuck into fringed ankle boots and grab a caramel tote. Asymmetric gold leaf and green bead earrings add a pretty fall finish.
Fall Colour 3
And there's always the classic leopard print for fall. I really do think that this is better on older women. I think you have to have a certain je ne sais quoi to wear it well, that young women just haven't developed, yet. They can wear it, but I think it takes a mature woman to do it justice.

I do not like colored leopard print such as pink or blue. Stick with the rich, natural tones of the original.
Fall Colour 4
The drama of black with the richness of fall's orange and red tones is a fabulous look, as you can see here. Combining the tones is what makes it so rich.
Fall Colour 5
The rich burgundy of fall with neutrals is also a great look. When you combine black, gray, cocoa and cream with burgundy, you get a great fall look. Combine more of the tones and you just get more good stuff.
Fall Colour 6
What says fall more than burgundy plaid? Maybe matching it with burgundy satin and suede and bright red croc!
Fall Colour 7
Red and green don't always say Christmas. In this case, it definitely says Fall! Putting the taupe tee shirt with the OD jeans and jacket seems to tone them down a bit. Then add in the light green booties and the fab bag, even the buffalo check coat can't make this Christmas!
Fall Colour 8
And here's the OD with two strong neutral tones, dark brown and charcoal gray. And see how classy it looks. Totally ready for fall! So check through your fall wardrobe to see what combinations you can come up with and what you need to go shopping for to step up you look. Have a great Tuesday!
Judi and the Blue Cat