Shorts and Cardigans, Nice Weather but Just a Touch Cool

From August into October there can be those days when the weather is hot and then cools off. Or you get a warm day with a cool breeze. You can be comfortable in shorts, but not just shorts. So here's how to make your shorts look good with a cardi!
Cardis & Shorts
This is a really sharp look. The pink and black is a great girly combination. The pieces here keep it from getting precious. If you have black pinstriped shorts, they'd be even better. The patent leather shoes really make it sharp.
Cardis & Shorts 2
Your favorite khaki shorts looking great in fall colors. The sweater adds texture and the shoes in their fall color are also suede. A great way to transition.
Cardis & Shorts 3
This color seems to be year 'round. The grayed down tone of the sweater makes the combination nice for the fall. For summer, this would have had sandals with it and a lighter bag. For the transition into fall, closed in shoes and a dark leather bag bring it more in line with the season.
Cardis & Shorts 4
Again, for summer this probably would have had sandals. The change to closed in shoes, even these pretty ones with the ribbons makes the look more fall-ish. The red bag with its black and tan accents is a great touch to help the transitional look. And putting more red over the ivory top makes it a darker look, more fall appearing.
 Cardis & Shorts 5
Here are your favorite khaki shorts again. This time, they really look ready for fall with this rusty color in the cami and the sweater. Even the shoes, bag and earrings get in on the act.
Cardis & Shorts 6
These pretty floral shorts get a ruby treatment and transition into early fall just fine! Are you noticing anything about the cardigans I've chosen to work with these outfits?
Cardis & Shorts 7
Another pair of khaki shorts only in a warmer shade. This one works well with the leopard print in the tee, which can be worn tucked or out. Have you figured it out yet about the sweaters?
Cardis & Shorts 8
These herringbone shorts look great with the addition of purple and a herringbone scarf for interest.

Okay, I'll share for anyone who hasn't seen it. Each of these cardis is longer than waist length for one thing. They all are more than just the average cardigan sweater. They either are a large, bulky knit, have added details or knit in details. Also, their neckline works well with the neckline of the top underneath. That's something you have to pay attention to when you layer. Your necklines have to work together. They don't have to be the same, but they have to work. If you can't make the necklines work and you need the colors for the outfit, try covering the necklines with a scarf.

Well, I hope you have a great Tuesday and are looking forward to the rest of the week! Tomorrow you'll be "Goin' to the Dogs" and Thursday is "All About Rain". Friday there are two book reviews. One is Fashion Rebels to be published September 6th and the other is The Dream Team, which was just published August 12th. And there's my ootd every weekday at noon. So, it's a full week here at Blue Cat Review!

Best wishes from Judi and the Blue Cat