Let's Take a Peep at Some Great Looks!

Schedule one more pedicure. And be sure to choose a fall shade, like bronze or taupe or even a dark, dark red. 'Cause this week we look at peeps. Not Easter peeps! Peep-toes!
Simply Elegant
Lovely nude peep-toes will make your legs look longer in any outfit and they go with everything in the closet!
Black Denim with Royal Purple
Black mule peep-toes are so easy to wear, you'll feel like it's still summer!
Peep-Toes 3
Soft gray booties with the peep-toes are so on trend now, but they are just so cute you'd wear even if they weren't!
Peep-Toes 4
Here's where you can really see that nude tone shoes make your legs look longer. They'll look like they go on forever!
Peep-Toes 5
These black open weave peep-toes will see a lot of wear. You'll want to wear them with everything in your closet!
Peep-Toes 6
Light taupe? Another color that you can wear with anything. And these peep-toes are styled to do just that!
Peep-Toes 7
Ever wanted a pair of blue shoes to go with all your jeans and add a little length to that look? Well, these peeps are just the pair. Denim blue and they are just right for any denim look!
Peep-Toes 8
And here's another pair of peeps in denim blue that will make your denim looks soar and your pedicure shine!

So while the weather is still warm enough and the snow isn't upon us, this is peep-toes season! But peep-toes really look best with a nice, neat pedicure. So be sure to schedule one before you wear these delectable styles.

For what's on trend for this fall, stop by Style at a Certain Age and see what Beth Djalali has to say about it.

That's it for now, this Tuesday. My ootd will be up at noon and then it's decor for cats tomorrow! Have a terrific Tuesday!
Best of wishes from Judi and the Blue Cat