How to Make Your Dress Look Better

Now that August is here and we can see the September calender ahead, we need to start thinking about cooler weather. Doesn't that sound good? It sure does to me. I'm not a big fan of hot or humid or hot and humid.

So how can you get a little bit more warmth for those pretty summer dresses and make them look outstanding?
Take a look!

Denim Jacket with Dress
Yup, a denim jacket tossed over your shoulders will do the trick!
Denim Jacket with Dress 2
Any color denim jacket will work!
Denim Jacket with Dress 3
Any style denim jacket will work!
Denim Jacket with Dress 4
And pretty much any dress will look great with a denim jacket tossed over the shoulders or put on with some stylin'!
Denim Jacket with Dress 5
Dark wash looks great with this dark olive green!
Denim Jacket with Dress 6
But the distressed, bleached one looks better with this pretty floral dress!
Denim Jacket with Dress 7
I almost put this beautiful tropical print dress with a medium wash denim, but decided the white denim was a fresher look for it. Either would look great!
Denim Jacket with Dress 8
I chose this light wash denim jacket for this black floral dress because of the pale blue flowers in the flower border.

Whatever dress you choose to wear, I'm sure a denim jacket will look great on your shoulders as the cooler weather moves in. Denim is big in the stores now, because they are catering to the school crowd. But it can work for you as well, if you want to add a different wash or style of denim jacket to your closet.

Enjoy your Tuesday! See you tomorrow for some furniture with storage ideas for the casual home.
Judi and the Blue Cat