Goin' to the Dogs!

I told you I'd get around to the dogs this week, and here it is. All the little bits and pieces you wanted for and about your best friend!

Goin' to the Dogs!

A doggy pool in the shape of a bone? Trust me, your dog will be the most popular dog in the neighborhood if you get this for him! I have researched this particular image and can't find the source other than that it is a Google image. These do exist, though. So talk to your "Pool Guy" if you decide your best friend needs one.

Is your dog fashion conscious? And do you knit or crochet? Well, here's the perfect place to put the two together. No, not the link with this picture, but this Pinterest board. Lots of patterns to choose from!

Like knowing exactly what your dog's getting in his treats? Making his treats solves that problem and here's a simple recipe to try!

And if you just need more dog sayings artwork around your house, here's a good place to check.
Goin' to the Dogs! 2
Yes, there are some human medications that are fine to give to dogs, but ALWAYS check with your vet before doing so. Dosing is very different. Keep your regular vet and emergency vet on your phone's favorites listing.

Here's a chart to help you understand doggy talk! Maybe you've been getting it wrong all this time! Who knew?!

And, yes, there are human foods that are all right to give to your dog in small amounts, as well. But so many foods are not good for dogs in any amount. If it's questionable and you can't reach your vet, don't allow your dog to eat it. The results can be deadly. And I am not being dramatic here.

Some dogs, small ones especially, like to get into a bed rather than on a bed. This covered bed allows them to do just that! Careful, this is just the type of bed that the cat will try to steal!

Want your best guy looking spiffy for the holidays this year? Here's the way to do-it-yourself! Just a few inexpensive pieces, some snips and stitches, and he's shining as bright as a star!

And if you don't like yellow spots all over your green lawn, make one area for your dog to use discreetly. I really like that it's right next to the sidewalk and hidden by some pretty flowers! Now, that's curb appeal!

Blue Cat opted out of this post, so best wishes from Judi!