Army Wife: A Story of Love and Family in the Heart of the Army by Vicki Cody

28649434 Army Wife by Vicki Cody
ebook280 pages
Expected publication: August 16th 2016 by She Writes Press

GoodReads Summary:This book is a rare glimpse into the heart of the Army, as seen through the eyes of Vicki Cody, an Army wife of thirty-three years who fell in love with a lieutenant and stayed by his side as he rose up through the ranks, all the way to four-star general and Vice Chief of Staff of the Army.

My review:
Having been an Army brat, in the Navy, and then a Navy wife, much of what Vicki Cody says in this book echoes in my memories. I was young as an Army brat, but I spent a lot of time with my Mom's photo albums. Then I had my own four years of active duty, including some time at the Pentagon.

After that, I was a Navy wife until my husband retired in 1993. I've been packed up and moved two days after Christmas. I've had pack ups from two locations, as Vicki had. I've looked out over the row upon row of white stones of Arlington, though it was from my office window rather than my assigned housing. I've worried about loved ones in danger and had to wait to hear their voices. I've had to be both parents to my children when I was 3000 miles away from my own parents.

Vicki's memories were sort of like sitting down with one of the wives in the Wives' Club and chatting during a deployment. Talking over shared experiences and memories of bases we'd both been to. I can't imagine how this book might come across to someone who has no ties to the military (any branch), but to anyone affiliated with it, this book will seem like a comfortable conversation between friends. Some laughs, some tears, some fears covered with a laugh. Some you just can't.

This should be a must read for all military wives! You could ask for no better view of military life than what Vicki Cody presents in these memoirs.

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~ Judi E. Easley