How are you going to start transitioning your wardrobe towards the cooler weather? Well, I've already covered the denim jacket and cardis with jeans. So we've got a pretty good start. Here's another one. Just "add a scarf"! It adds a texture to the look and it adds some warmth around your neck. Take a look at these eight outfits and see what I mean.
Add-a-Scarf 1
A neutral outfit until you add the scarf, shoes, and earrings. It's a tiny square scarf, but it adds that little bit of extra that makes the look more fall that summer. The cardi, too, is another fall accessory.
Add-a-Scarf 2
In this case, the scarf is a bit heavier and more textured.
Add-a-Scarf 3
Another one where the scarf is a small square and what it really adds is more a visual than real warmth. The cardi is what really adds the warmth here.
Add-a-Scarf 4
This scarf adds color, texture, and some warmth at the neckline.
Add-a-Scarf 5
You would be surprised at how much warmth a chiffon scarf can add in a neckline. Thin layers will trap warmth near your skin. So, while this scarf adds interest and wonderful texture, it really does actually add warmth.
Add-a-Scarf 6
A real easy outfit. You could add almost any scarf here depending on what look you wanted. A denim dress is just like jeans, everything goes with it!
Add-a-Scarf 7
Here it is, jeans with anything. Sorry, you know how much I like blue! Ha, ha! I'd love to wear this outfit. In fact, I probably could put it together from my closet! I love the neckline on the cardi!
Add-a-Scarf 8
A smoky look. A clothing version of the smoky eye! No? Well, I think so! Ha, ha! I love the cardi and the smoky gray and blue scarf. And you know I love the striped top!
types of scarves
These are most of the types of scarves available in the stores. Sometimes you see triangular scarves, too.
3 Ways to Tie a Scarf
Here are three ways to tie a scarf. There are lots of other ways to do it. If you aren't sure about tying a scarf or are looking for a different way to tie one, you can go to my Pinterest board called Fashion: The Right Style . There are several pins that show you up to 40 ways to tie a scarf. I usually like to keep it simple. Twice around my neck with the two ends hanging down in front.

Well, Happy Tuesday! See you tomorrow for the luxury bathroom!
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