Goin' to the Dogs!

I told you I'd get around to the dogs this week, and here it is. All the little bits and pieces you wanted for and about your best friend!

Goin' to the Dogs!

A doggy pool in the shape of a bone? Trust me, your dog will be the most popular dog in the neighborhood if you get this for him! I have researched this particular image and can't find the source other than that it is a Google image. These do exist, though. So talk to your "Pool Guy" if you decide your best friend needs one.

Is your dog fashion conscious? And do you knit or crochet? Well, here's the perfect place to put the two together. No, not the link with this picture, but this Pinterest board. Lots of patterns to choose from!

Like knowing exactly what your dog's getting in his treats? Making his treats solves that problem and here's a simple recipe to try!

And if you just need more dog sayings artwork around your house, here's a good place to check.
Goin' to the Dogs! 2
Yes, there are some human medications that are fine to give to dogs, but ALWAYS check with your vet before doing so. Dosing is very different. Keep your regular vet and emergency vet on your phone's favorites listing.

Here's a chart to help you understand doggy talk! Maybe you've been getting it wrong all this time! Who knew?!

And, yes, there are human foods that are all right to give to your dog in small amounts, as well. But so many foods are not good for dogs in any amount. If it's questionable and you can't reach your vet, don't allow your dog to eat it. The results can be deadly. And I am not being dramatic here.

Some dogs, small ones especially, like to get into a bed rather than on a bed. This covered bed allows them to do just that! Careful, this is just the type of bed that the cat will try to steal!

Want your best guy looking spiffy for the holidays this year? Here's the way to do-it-yourself! Just a few inexpensive pieces, some snips and stitches, and he's shining as bright as a star!

And if you don't like yellow spots all over your green lawn, make one area for your dog to use discreetly. I really like that it's right next to the sidewalk and hidden by some pretty flowers! Now, that's curb appeal!

Blue Cat opted out of this post, so best wishes from Judi!

ootd 8/30/2016

ootd 8/30/2016

Shorts and Cardigans, Nice Weather but Just a Touch Cool

From August into October there can be those days when the weather is hot and then cools off. Or you get a warm day with a cool breeze. You can be comfortable in shorts, but not just shorts. So here's how to make your shorts look good with a cardi!
Cardis & Shorts
This is a really sharp look. The pink and black is a great girly combination. The pieces here keep it from getting precious. If you have black pinstriped shorts, they'd be even better. The patent leather shoes really make it sharp.
Cardis & Shorts 2
Your favorite khaki shorts looking great in fall colors. The sweater adds texture and the shoes in their fall color are also suede. A great way to transition.
Cardis & Shorts 3
This color seems to be year 'round. The grayed down tone of the sweater makes the combination nice for the fall. For summer, this would have had sandals with it and a lighter bag. For the transition into fall, closed in shoes and a dark leather bag bring it more in line with the season.
Cardis & Shorts 4
Again, for summer this probably would have had sandals. The change to closed in shoes, even these pretty ones with the ribbons makes the look more fall-ish. The red bag with its black and tan accents is a great touch to help the transitional look. And putting more red over the ivory top makes it a darker look, more fall appearing.
 Cardis & Shorts 5
Here are your favorite khaki shorts again. This time, they really look ready for fall with this rusty color in the cami and the sweater. Even the shoes, bag and earrings get in on the act.
Cardis & Shorts 6
These pretty floral shorts get a ruby treatment and transition into early fall just fine! Are you noticing anything about the cardigans I've chosen to work with these outfits?
Cardis & Shorts 7
Another pair of khaki shorts only in a warmer shade. This one works well with the leopard print in the tee, which can be worn tucked or out. Have you figured it out yet about the sweaters?
Cardis & Shorts 8
These herringbone shorts look great with the addition of purple and a herringbone scarf for interest.

Okay, I'll share for anyone who hasn't seen it. Each of these cardis is longer than waist length for one thing. They all are more than just the average cardigan sweater. They either are a large, bulky knit, have added details or knit in details. Also, their neckline works well with the neckline of the top underneath. That's something you have to pay attention to when you layer. Your necklines have to work together. They don't have to be the same, but they have to work. If you can't make the necklines work and you need the colors for the outfit, try covering the necklines with a scarf.

Well, I hope you have a great Tuesday and are looking forward to the rest of the week! Tomorrow you'll be "Goin' to the Dogs" and Thursday is "All About Rain". Friday there are two book reviews. One is Fashion Rebels to be published September 6th and the other is The Dream Team, which was just published August 12th. And there's my ootd every weekday at noon. So, it's a full week here at Blue Cat Review!

Best wishes from Judi and the Blue Cat

ootd 8/29/2016

ootd 8/29/2016

27863207 Unraveled by Jennifer Estep
Kindle Edition400 pages
Expected publication: August 30, 2016, by Pocket Books

GoodReads Summary:
After the shocking revelations of the previous book, Bitter Bite, the world of Ashland’s become even more sinister, and Gin Blanco (aka Ashland’s most fearsome assassin, the Spider) no longer knows who—or what—she can count on. Only one thing is for certain: danger and new enemies await Gin in Unraveled.

What could go wrong when you’re trying to unravel a decades-old conspiracy?

As the current queen of the Ashland underworld, you would think that I, Gin Blanco, would know all about some secret society controlling things from behind the scenes. I might be the Spider, the city’s most fearsome assassin, but all my Ice and Stone elemental magic hasn’t done me a lick of good in learning more about “the Circle”. Despite my continued investigations, the trail’s gone as cold as the coming winter.

So when Finnegan Lane, my foster brother, gets word of a surprising inheritance, we figure why not skip town for someplace less dangerous for a few days? That place: Bullet Pointe, a fancy hotel resort complex plus Old West theme park that Finn now owns lock, stock, and barrel. At first, all the struttin’ cowboys and sassy saloon girls are just hokey fun. But add in some shady coincidences and Circle assassins lurking all around, and vacationing becomes wilder—and deadlier—than any of us expected.

Good thing this assassin brought plenty of knives to the gunfight …

My Review:
Now that Finnegan Lane's back to being himself, things seem to have gotten lively around Ashland, or at least around Gin, again. This is a rousing romp of a story that just seems a bit more lighthearted than the previous books. Maybe the author decided it was time for a little relief from all that tension of the last several books. I gave it a four-star rating, but it's a bit of a weak four stars. The next book is due out in a few months and I am sure the tension will be back up. But just because this is a fun romp instead of a dreadful, dark tension filled thriller is no reason to skip it. By all means, this is a great late summer read. Gin gets the bad guy, of course. In fact, Gin gets a lot of bad guys and has a great time doing it!

Pocket Books and NetGalley provided me a digital copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. I am not being compensated in any way. All opinions are fully my own. This book is expected to be published August 30, 2016
~Judi E. Easley

ootd 8/26/2016

ootd 8/26/2016

Detroit Is No Dry Bones by Camilo Jose Vergara

 Detroit Is No Dry Bones
by Camilo Jose Vergara
University of Michigan Regional, Arts & Photography, Publish date August 28, 2016

NetGalley Summary:

Over the past 25 years, award-winning ethnographer and photographer Camilo José Vergara has traveled annually to Detroit to document not only the city's precipitous decline but also how its residents have survived. From the 1970s through the 1990s, changes in Detroit were almost all for the worse, as the fabric of the city was erased through neglect and abandonment. But over the last decade, Detroit has seen the beginnings of a positive transformation, and the photography in Detroit Is No Dry Bones provides unique documentation of the revival and its urbanistic possibilities. Beyond the fate of the city's buildings themselves, Vergara's camera has consistently sought to capture the distinct culture of this largely African American city. The photographs in this book, for example, are organized in part around the way people have re-used and re-purposed structures from the past. Vergara is unique in his documentation of local churches that have re-occupied old bank buildings and other impressive structures from the past and turned them into something unexpectedly powerful architecturally as well as spiritually.

My Review:
This book had an unsettling effect on me. All those ruins and they really are ruins, relics of a grander time. All the life, gone. Vergara commented on it himself at one point. There are no people in his photographs. He'd start to take a picture and try to refocus to capture a person, and the person would be gone. There are whole parts of Detroit where there are no people, though. Nothing but rotting floors, rusting pipes, faded signs, fallen roofs. Abandoned. Burnt. Abused. And graffiti over all. In some landscapes, that's the only color, the graffiti. It's a stark sight and he's been photographing it for a long time. Each year catching the changes. Some slow, gradual. Some as quick as a flash of hot fire. No one to stop it. No one to care.

No, that's not true. There are people who care. The African American population in Detroit fights back as it can. However, the money in Detroit doesn't belong to them. And Packards aren't made in Detroit anymore. No jobs. No money. No power. No progress. Slow progress. The revelation of the condition of their city has embarrassed some of the people of Detroit and things are ever so slowly changing. It's going to take time. It's going to take a whole lot of money. And it's going to take a whole lot of caring. I hope Mr. Vergara keeps dropping into Detroit with his camera to take pictures.

This book is being published on August 28, 2016. I was provided a digital copy of the book in exchange for an honest review by University of Michigan Regional and NetGalley. I am not being compensated in any way. All opinions stated are fully my own.
~ Judi E. Easley

The Art & Craft of Handmade Books by Shereen LaPlantz

31252346 The Art & Craft of Handmade Books
by Shereen LaPlantz

Kindle Edition129 pages
Published June 22nd 2016 by Dover Publications

GoodReads Summary:
This innovative approach to bookbinding demonstrates an array of creative techniques that elevate handmade books into extraordinary works of art. Easy-to-follow, well-illustrated directions for more than 25 patterns explain how to make seven different kinds of books with pop-up panels and pages that "explode" from the spine as well as slipcases, tassels, and other distinctive features.
The guide begins with instructions for a simple accordion-fold book. Successive projects build on methods readers have already mastered and introduce new skills, including the pamphlet stitch, ideal for photo albums and scrapbooks; tacket binding, the versatile stitch of medieval Europe; and the Coptic stitch, employed by Christians of ancient Egypt. A full-color photo gallery, with contributions from more than 60 artists, offers further inspiration for enhancing and personalizing projects by using alphabets, bestiaries, botanical illustrations, and other designs. The author includes a glossary of terms as well as information on materials and tools.

My Review:
I was really surprised by the books in this guide on book making. Usually, you see regular books and how to stitch them and it's really basic. I was so pleasantly surprised to see art! These little gems created by the author and her assistant were lovely. They used the traditional techniques, well explained, to create pieces of art. The idea that totally caught my imagination was the bestiaries. The idea of creating a modern bestiary is really a great idea for someone just starting out bookmaking. There were several ideas presented on how such a projected could be approached depending on the person's level of expertise and talent. I found myself impatient to get into my studio to work with my supplies and create! I definitely found this book to be inspirational and instructive at the same time! I would strongly recommend this book to a beginner or more advanced bookmaker. The beginner would learn a lot, both historically and skill-wise. And the more advanced bookmaker would definitely be inspired by both the text and the pictures. This is a book that will see some use in my studio!

This book was provided to me by Dover Publications and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. I am not being compensated in any way. All opinions are fully my own.
~ Judi E. Easley

Discovered another of Shereen LaPlantz's books on my shelves when I was reshelving my library today. Cover to Cover (2000) was one of the books that got me going on bookmaking when I first tried it. Another one by her that is well worth looking into for both the art and the instruction.

It's a Jungle Out There!

Yup, today it's all about the animals! In each piece of artwork, there's at least one animal. Sometimes it's all about the animal, and sometimes the animal is just there for support or laughs.
Just Dropping In
Just Dropping In
by mrscharley
3176 - Walk at your own pace
Walk at Your Own Pace
by niwi
Fantasy Moons Rising
Fantasy Moons Rising
by mrscharley
After the dance...
After the Dance
by lindafaulkner-adams
Pure Magic
Pure Magic
by mrscharley
by vlaggetje
Welcome to the Neighborhood
Welcome to the Neighborhood
by mrscharley
3174 - Prudence
by niwi

I hope you enjoyed the presentation. And I hope your Thursday is a great day. See you tomorrow for those two book reviews I mentioned the other day, Detroit is No Dry Bones and The Art and Craft of Handmade Books. Both books not to be missed depending on where your interests lie.
Best wishes from Judi and the Blue Cat

ootd 8/24/2016

ootd 8/24/2016

My shirt is actually a cream and grey vertical stripe, but I couldn't find one. So my look is a bit different because the shirt looks lighter in stripes (3/8"). I do love that pop of cobalt blue with a grey outfit, though. The glasses that I'm using for these sets lately are my actual glasses. I found them on Pinterest. They are charcoal and teal and I love them! They work well with my skin and hair colouring.

Aunt D gets to see Rowan today! And climb the three flights of stairs to Sarah's place...ouch! That's a killer, but it's the only way to get to her until they update the building!

Y'all enjoy your Wednesday and I'll see you tomorrow with some animal art. Best wishes from Judi and the Blue Cat


I really like the idea of carrying a card to let people know that I have pets at home that need care, in case I'm unable to care for them myself due to illness or injury. I haven't been to this website, but I think I'll just type up a card and put it in my wallet along with my regular emergency info.

As for the hiding techniques, both of my cats are masters of hiding and could teach others some new tricks, I mean techniques.

This litter box looks like a good idea, but this would be really slow and heavy, I think. Those holes would need to be quite small, so the litter flow would be slow. And you would be holding it the whole time. I'm sure there's a better design out there.

I don't know about your cat, but if I put my cats in that stack, there would definitely be fur flying in a very short time. It would start as play, but it wouldn't stay that way for very long.

I don't think the site that sells these dishes is still in business since the post is from 2011. However, if you are crafty, You could use a terracotta pot and saucer, painted and glazed, to do this for your cat. For what it's worth, here's the link to moderncat to see if they are still around.
Cat~egories 2
Did you know that your cat aged that much faster than you do? That's why their lives are so much shorter than ours. So we have to love them so much more!

This amazing kitty cat circus looks great! It also looks expensive and like a waste of money and time. My cats would rather play with the boxes until they are in shreds. However, if your cat likes this sort of thing, it's made in Asia at catwheel.net. I went to the site and it is in their own language. My computer translated everything but the money. Sorry, can't help you there.

Has your cat showed you all its tricks? If it's anything like mine, it has more than this little chart shows. Cats are masters of disquise and trickery!

Those hammocks look cozy, but this could easily turn crazy like the stack above.

This article shows you several ways you could make your pet comfy and disguise it all at the same time! Take a peek!

My cats would need to have one of these for each of them! They both love to lie around in the sun and see outside! This looks amazing! (link to store

Having something like this at the front door seems like a great idea to me!

I am not being compensated for talking about these items by the producers/sellers. These are simply items that I have seen and thought were of interest to myself and wanted to share with you. I am not connected with any of these companies, formal/informal, in anyway.

~Judi E. Easley 

ootd 8/23/2016

ootd 8/23/2016

Let's Take a Peep at Some Great Looks!

Schedule one more pedicure. And be sure to choose a fall shade, like bronze or taupe or even a dark, dark red. 'Cause this week we look at peeps. Not Easter peeps! Peep-toes!
Simply Elegant
Lovely nude peep-toes will make your legs look longer in any outfit and they go with everything in the closet!
Black Denim with Royal Purple
Black mule peep-toes are so easy to wear, you'll feel like it's still summer!
Peep-Toes 3
Soft gray booties with the peep-toes are so on trend now, but they are just so cute you'd wear even if they weren't!
Peep-Toes 4
Here's where you can really see that nude tone shoes make your legs look longer. They'll look like they go on forever!
Peep-Toes 5
These black open weave peep-toes will see a lot of wear. You'll want to wear them with everything in your closet!
Peep-Toes 6
Light taupe? Another color that you can wear with anything. And these peep-toes are styled to do just that!
Peep-Toes 7
Ever wanted a pair of blue shoes to go with all your jeans and add a little length to that look? Well, these peeps are just the pair. Denim blue and they are just right for any denim look!
Peep-Toes 8
And here's another pair of peeps in denim blue that will make your denim looks soar and your pedicure shine!

So while the weather is still warm enough and the snow isn't upon us, this is peep-toes season! But peep-toes really look best with a nice, neat pedicure. So be sure to schedule one before you wear these delectable styles.

For what's on trend for this fall, stop by Style at a Certain Age and see what Beth Djalali has to say about it.

That's it for now, this Tuesday. My ootd will be up at noon and then it's decor for cats tomorrow! Have a terrific Tuesday!
Best of wishes from Judi and the Blue Cat

ootd 8/22/2016

ootd 8/22/2016

My shirt is actually green and blue stripes, but I couldn't find one that looked anything like it. This is the closest I could get. That's why the green sandals! Ha! Ha! 

Hey, are any of you into Bullet Journals? I have a Pinterest board I try to keep up-to-date with all sorts of items if you're interested.

Hope you all had a great weekend and are off to a wonderful start for this week! I know Monday isn't everyone's favorite day, but it has to happen, or you don't ever get to Friday! Two book reviews this morning. Tomorrow I'm doing anything with peep-toes! Wednesday is at home with cats. Next week it'll be for the dogs. Equal time, you know. Then Thursday the art will be all for the animals. And I'll end on Friday with two more book reviews. Anyone from Detroit? One of the books is about photography done in Detroit.The other is about making books. Any handcrafters out there? Well, refill your coffee cup and get to it! You can't have a great week unless you work at it!

All our best, from Judi and the Blue Cat

The White Rose (Rose Series, #2) by A. M. Helen

31115287 The White Rose by A.M.Helen
ebook327 pages
Expected publication: August 22nd 2016 by Teardrop Productions

GoodReads Summary:
With Melissa Medina missing and billionaire Alexander Kane in turmoil, it falls to David Kane to unravel the lies behind the collapse of his elder brother’s relationship. But distraction lies in his desire for the woman who threatens to undermine him body and soul.

Catalina Medina’s reckless nature is a torment to David’s need for control. When they clash, emotions flare, wills bend and passion becomes an inferno of want. Introduced to David’s private world, Catalina begins to take the first steps to forgiving herself for events in her past she can never change.

The millionaire Sebastian Moretti is trying to change. He fears the sins he committed in his crazed youth, sins against both Catalina and her cousin, could be unearthed. The only woman he has ever loved is now within his grasp. And Sebastian will destroy love, faith and even lives to make Melissa Medina love him too.

My Review:
Catalina has always held herself responsible for what happened to her cousin, Melissa, when they were younger. For what she did, she doesn't allow herself to be happy. She denies herself relationships that could make her happy. And she knows that David could make her very happy.

David is fascinated by Catalina and her turmoil. He wants to take control and fix it. He wants to make her happy. He wants her. He will have her. He just has to make her see it that way.

In the meantime, Melissa is facing the fact that she is back in the hands of the monster from her youth, and it appears that there is no escape but death this time. But death's release may be a long ways off.

The author does a wonderful job of portraying her characters in such a way that you really feel what they are feeling. You feel Catalina's anger and Melissa's despair. You feel Alexander's devastation when he discovers that Melissa is gone. A.M. Helen definitely has a way with the dark romance.

The White Rose is being released today, August 22nd. Be sure you get your copy! Haven't read The Blue Rose, yet? What are you waiting for?

The White Rose was provided to me by Teardrop Productions and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. I am not being compensated in any way. All opinions stated are fully my own.
~ Judi E. Easley

29914661 The Blue Rose is Book #1 in the Rose Series by A.M.Helen. Since I was provided Book #2 by Teardrop Productions and NetGalley, I needed to backtrack and read The Blue Rose. This was a good book. 

This is how GoodReads described it. When Melissa Medina takes up the position of Spanish teacher to enigmatic businessman Alexander Kane, the attraction between them is instant and intense. The strict lines of employer and employee soon begin to weaken as desire overtakes all other rules. With wealth and power though, comes exposure. Kane has enemies. Melissa has secrets. And outside forces from their past and present lives are intent on destroying their new relationship for mutual gain. As their lives converge, passions intensify, past secrets spill into present-day lives and lies begin to look like truths. But who is the saint and who is the sinner...

unlocking worlds: a reading companion for book lovers by Sally Allen

28000446 unlocking worlds: a reading companion for book lovers by Sally Allen

Kindle Edition172 pages
Published November 11th 2015 by Griffins Wharf 

GoodReads Summary:
Award-winning writer and teacher Sally Allen knows that good books don’t just draw us in; they talk to us, shape us, and transport us to times, places, and minds different from our own.

In Unlocking Worlds: A Reading Companion for Book Lovers, Allen deftly weaves personal stories with fifteen thematized, annotated, and illustrated reading lists for what to read next. By sharing some of the treasures in her library and the secret lives they reveal, she gives us permission to embrace the shameless book lover inside each of us. Unlocking Worlds is a testament to how reading passionately—and compassionately—can unlock the world beyond our back yard. Celebrating books and those who read them, Allen shows how the solitary act of reading can be a powerful thread that creates community and connection.

Thought-provoking and eloquent, Unlocking Worlds: A Reading Companion for Book Lovers is a must-have for anyone who can’t leave the house without a book in hand.

My Review:
I'm going to have to get this book in paperback now that I have read it in ebook. This is the type of book that I need to be able to scribble in the margins! This would be a fabulous book to use for a book club for book lovers. It would make a wonderful reading list for such a book club!

I haven't read all the books in the book, but I've read at least one in each category, and usually more. I thoroughly enjoyed the author's comments and quotes on books. Not that I agreed with everything she said about every book, but that's why I think it would be so great for a book club. This book was written to start discussions and arguments about books! It's meant to get people engaged about books. And it certainly added to my reading list!

And absolute jewel of a book! Makes me want to get to know the author and be her next best friend! Sit in a shadey garden with a pot of tea and discuss books all day long!

This book was provided to me by Griffins Wharf and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. I am not being compensated in any way. All opinions are fully my own.
~ Judi E. Easley

Arguments for Lawn Chairs by Aaron Kreuter

 Arguments for Lawn Chairs by Aaron Kreuter
Published by Guernica Editions Inc. September 1, 2016 e format

  I received this from Guernica and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. All opinions stated are fully my own. I am not being compensated for this review in any way other than receipt of the text.

Looking at the title, I knew this was going to be an experience in modern poetry that I may not enjoy. I read the whole book through. Some of it was not terribly pleasant in its graphic mental visions or smells. Some of it was terribly sad. Other parts of it were just beyond me, I must admit. So, I read the whole book through again. This was when parts of it started to reach out and grab me. It began with the first piece in the book. It is called Plastic. I think I have read and reread this poem more than any other in the book. Can I call it a poem? This is not what I learned poetry is. But this is a book of poetry, so this must be a poem. Okay. I read and reread this poem. And I keep reading this poem simply because it keeps catching a corner of my mind. My mind keeps trying to make sense of it, I think. I just don't think I would want to brush my teeth with hardened dog eyelashes, thank you. And that's only one of the strange things this poem offers up in its thirteen lines.

Then, I got to An Optomist Thinks About Plastic Water Bottles. No, it's not all about plastic, really. Far from it, but these two really struck me! "midway through her talk she pauses, takes three big swigs, wipes her mouth with her hand, and, on some unconscious level, it begins:" This cliffhanger sets the stage for world change! Really. These 23 words set the reader up for what becomes a total about face in the habits of the civilized world in regards to how we use resources and care for the earth. "and this is how it will spread, seminars, conferences, political rallies, how-tos, concerts, athletic meets, spilling out into the populace, caught on some primordial hook of the mind:" Just your everyday word of mouth.

The piece, Letter to Irena Sendlerowa, was so sad, so touching. It made me want to do something in the way of sacrifice the way the author had. As he said "I had to do something. I had to lose something." Mr. Kreuter definitely has a way with words and phrases. He creates an image or a mood so well with words. Much the way a painter does with paint. Now, tell me, does this sound like love to you? "perhaps one day we'll sit together as our livers fail, our muscles slide, our brains misfire, our openings crust and ooze, our furious hearts slow, but for now, I want nothing more than to plug into your complex nervous system and never stop tingling." This is the end of Love Poem My mistress' eyes are nothing like the sun. The rest of the poem is really anatomically graphic, and it doesn't read like a love scene. But it is a love poem.

Yes, these are poems. This is a book of poetry and I will be reading it over and over, I think. Mr. Keuter has a magical way with words. A wonderful way of crafting a phrase and making it into something you can see and feel or even smell. Maybe it's not his fault that some of his verse (?) is beyond me, but it did cost him a star. I am holding this review until closer to the publishing date. Once the book is available, pick up a copy and lose yourself in the author's words. See what images and moods he creates for you.

Judi E. Easley
Blue Cat Review
Untitled #2885Sorry, no posts yesterday, today or tomorrow other than what's already scheduled. I am having back spasms and migraines, so I won't be at the computer. There is the book review already scheduled for Friday on the awesome poetry book, Arguments for Lawn Chairs. Don't miss it. The book is super! I look forward to being back with you on Monday. Enjoy the rest of your week and weekend.
Judi and Blue Cat.

What Does It Take to be Luxe?

I live in a nice little house with three bedrooms and 1 1/2 baths. My shower is inside my bathtub. I'm lucky enough to have a Jacuzzi soaker tub. But I have to sit on the toilet to get into the linen closet. So to me, a luxury bathroom would be one that you could turn around in without hitting the sink corner! The bathrooms I've chosen to share with you today, are beyond my practical mind, but certainly not beyond my imagination! My favorite is the one on the top left here that looks a bit southwest and a bit zen.

Luxe Bath 2

Do any of you live with bathrooms like these? If you do, you can invite me for an extended visit any time now. These places are absolutely amazing to me!

These next three pictures are all one place, and it just boggles my mind. It's something we all dream of living in! I certainly wish I had the clothes and shoes to fill up the closet area!
Luxe Bath 1
It's a lovely "little" tub to soak in. Then you have all that pretty black marble to walk on. Once you get onto the lighter marble, then you get to all that shoe storage and the wall of closet space. I must be dreaming! This can't be real. But it is! This is a real home! Lucky lady!

Well, I wish you all a wonderful Wednesday! Dream Big!
Judi and the Blue Cat

ootd 8/16/2016

ootd 8/16/2016


How are you going to start transitioning your wardrobe towards the cooler weather? Well, I've already covered the denim jacket and cardis with jeans. So we've got a pretty good start. Here's another one. Just "add a scarf"! It adds a texture to the look and it adds some warmth around your neck. Take a look at these eight outfits and see what I mean.
Add-a-Scarf 1
A neutral outfit until you add the scarf, shoes, and earrings. It's a tiny square scarf, but it adds that little bit of extra that makes the look more fall that summer. The cardi, too, is another fall accessory.
Add-a-Scarf 2
In this case, the scarf is a bit heavier and more textured.
Add-a-Scarf 3
Another one where the scarf is a small square and what it really adds is more a visual than real warmth. The cardi is what really adds the warmth here.
Add-a-Scarf 4
This scarf adds color, texture, and some warmth at the neckline.
Add-a-Scarf 5
You would be surprised at how much warmth a chiffon scarf can add in a neckline. Thin layers will trap warmth near your skin. So, while this scarf adds interest and wonderful texture, it really does actually add warmth.
Add-a-Scarf 6
A real easy outfit. You could add almost any scarf here depending on what look you wanted. A denim dress is just like jeans, everything goes with it!
Add-a-Scarf 7
Here it is, jeans with anything. Sorry, you know how much I like blue! Ha, ha! I'd love to wear this outfit. In fact, I probably could put it together from my closet! I love the neckline on the cardi!
Add-a-Scarf 8
A smoky look. A clothing version of the smoky eye! No? Well, I think so! Ha, ha! I love the cardi and the smoky gray and blue scarf. And you know I love the striped top!
types of scarves
These are most of the types of scarves available in the stores. Sometimes you see triangular scarves, too.
3 Ways to Tie a Scarf
Here are three ways to tie a scarf. There are lots of other ways to do it. If you aren't sure about tying a scarf or are looking for a different way to tie one, you can go to my Pinterest board called Fashion: The Right Style . There are several pins that show you up to 40 ways to tie a scarf. I usually like to keep it simple. Twice around my neck with the two ends hanging down in front.

Well, Happy Tuesday! See you tomorrow for the luxury bathroom!
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